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The Kite Runner: Chapter 11

No description

Emma Edwards

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of The Kite Runner: Chapter 11

Character Development
New characters:
Mr. Nguyen
Mrs. Nguyen
Mrs. Dobbins
General Taheri
Soraya Taheri
Changes in characters:
The car from Baba
Food stamps
Rostam and Sohrab, " and the gracefully hooked nose of a princess of old Persia-maybe that of Tahmineh, Rostam's wife and Sohrab's mother from the
Amir is 20 now, he knows that Baba is financially strugging, why do you think he hasn't he picked up a part time job?
Do you think that Baba really thinks that Amir will be successful as a writer?
Why does Amir love the ocean and sunsets so much?
If Amir was never born, do you think Baba would have ever left Afghanistan?
Do you think Amir is still envious of Baba and Hassan's relationship?
Writing Style
Italics on certain words, mostly words in Amir's laguage. When General Taheri speaks, the writer italicizes words then translates it shortly after. For example: " "
Salaam, bachem
" Hello, my child. "
Foreshadowing. Amir and Baba talk briefly of Soraya's past, they later find out the full story but at the moment the reader is left only knowing that Soraya does not have a good past

Important quotations
"A pair of steel hands closed around my wind pipe at the sound of Hassan's name." -pg. 141

"Baba loved the
of America. It was living in America that gave him an ulcer. " -pg. 132

"Peshawar was good for me. Not good for you," -pg. 137

"Amir is going to be a great writer." -pg. 147

"My heart stuttered at the thought of her" -pg. 150
Fremont, California
The entire chapter takes place here

The setting affects Baba
Baba is not used to working such long shifts; he works 6 days a week, 12 hours a day
Baba gets mad at the grocery store when they ask him for id.
Baba is unhappy in America but he is happy to support and provide for Amir
The Kite Runner: Chapter 11
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