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sci4 Solar Energy

No description

Finnley MacKillop

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of sci4 Solar Energy

Solar Power Solar Energy Negative Environmental Impacts energy-producing numbers, they look very unnatural
They need a lot of space to be installed correctly.
Some contain hazardous material that can be released if damaged or disposed of improperly.
They are high in cost.
They are not very efficient.
sometimes unreliable Where are the best places
to use solar energy? By: Finnley, Maddy, Andrew and Jenna How does solar energy work? h So why doesn't everyone on the planet use solar energy?
The use of solar energy has not been opened up yet because the oil industry does not own the Sun.
-Ralph Nadar Positive Environmental Impacts (question 5) No burning of fossil fuels or any other non-renewable energy involved
No mining involved to get this type of energy
Energy companies pay for your unused energy
It has easy maintenance when installed and used correctly
Installing them is much easier now.
No CO2 is being released when creating energy, meaning no gases causing global warming!
Long-term cost efficiency The cost of the technology
is a turn off Solar panels cost between $15,000 - $45,000 for well working panels and installation fees. To some people, that's close to what they make a year. The cost of this technology is a huge turn off, but what most people do not know is that you don't pay any other fees after that. Solar panels are cost free after installed(other then maintenance fees). Top 10 places increasing use of solar energy... 1.) Germany
2.) Spain
3.) Japan
4.) United States
5.) Italy
6.) Czech Republic
7.) Belgium
8.) China
9.) France
10.) India There are many different ways solar panels are used around the world Solar panels are not very efficient They have a efficiency around 13% - 20%
meaning that only 13-20% of the photons that hit the solar panel gets used as energy for your house because the solar panels can only absorbs the visible photons . How much energy does a solar panel make? You can never determine how much energy a solar panel can make. There are various reasons a solar panel is making more or less energy then others. It depends on what climate you are in and what the weather patterns are. If you live in Michigan, you will not get as much energy as a person in California because it is hotter and the sun is out much more then it is in Michigan, but most solar panels make around 200-300 watts a hour. Commercial Solar Farms Commercial solar farms or solar gardens are very large quantities of land consisting only solar panels. For example, some of these solar gardens are run by energy companies that use the solar energy the solar panels produce and sell it to the homes that they run energy for.
EX. DTE ENERGY Using this technology The other kind of use for solar energy is residential. Which is personal use. That would be something like mounting a panel to your roof to heat your water, not a city owned facility to generate power for an entire community. Are Solar Panels
a widely accepted technology??? Solar Panels are not widely accepted. Only 1% of the entire world uses solar panels. I think this refers back to question two when we said the idea for change has not come yet and people are not willing to try anything new because they are not willing to give up what they know works, even if it can ruin our planet and cost more money. Question 9 Question 10 It is not very effective in solving the energy problems because almost nobody uses it. It never will be unless more people use it, which would require a lower price. Question 11 Economic- Lots of new jobs (silicon, manufacturing, transportation, etc http://www.brainpop.com/technology/energytechnology/solarenergy/preview.weml Political- Oil Relationships with other countries, money off of excess energy. Cultural- Different cities use solar panels more then other based off of cultural differences.
e.g Bloomfield vs. Detroit Environmental- Much less mining, less CO2 emissions, may destroy animal/plant habitats, no smog, takes up lots of land (shadows). Question 1 Question 4 Question 2 This technology should be used world wide with other
renewable energy sources, which would eliminate fossil fuel burning without relying on one source of energy. I think that the ideas time for renewable energy has not come yet due to the fact that people have been using gas powered cars and gas for electricity in there house for many, many years now and a lot of people are unwilling to change even if it risks a future of global warming and a world like wall-e. Question 7 http://1bog.org/blog/infographic-how-much-does-solar-cost/ question 8 Solar Pricing Graph Analysis
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