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Course Selection: Grade 12s

No description

Meg Maledy

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Course Selection: Grade 12s

Choose carefully!
Tackling a course load that is too difficult won't open doors...

For engineering, science, or business, you should have demonstrated success in the previous years' math or science courses. A low grade won't meet university requirements.
Course Selection
...begins in April with the preliminary selection (online). Data is used to build a master timetable. The second round happens in May where students commit to the courses they want to take. Start planning now.

Drop/Add deadline is early in the term: mid September.
Course Selection Booklet
The descriptions of all the courses offered is found here. It is accessible from the STA webpage:
What do the universities require?
Plan ahead: explore the websites of universities/colleges that interest you.
The electives you choose in grade 12 should meet the requirements for the program you are seeking to enter.
Add a course or two from their approved academic listing to give you some alternative avenues of success.
Get the necessary course credits to graduate
Graduation Portfolio
An exit interview is conducted in the Spring of the graduation year. Students work under the guidance of the GT 12 teacher to prepare the required elements of the portfolio, but much of it is done outside of class time. The only class time given is during HACE weeks.

Assignments for required elements are accessible online.
Course Selection for Future Grade 12s
20 courses (80 credits), 4 courses at the grade 12 level, at a minimum, at least 1 course (4 credits) in fine arts or applied skills.
Not all courses are available every year: demand is often the determining factor.
Consider what other qualities the universities are interested in:
Volunteer work
Extra-curricular activities
Part time work
Leadership experience
Required Courses (48 credits - 12 courses):
Planning 10
Language Arts 10 & 11 & 12 (Eng or Comm)
Math 10 (2 choices)
Math 11 (3 choices) or Math 12 (4 choices)
Science 10
Science 11 or 12
Social Studies 10
Fine Arts or Applied Skills course in 10 or 11 or 12
Socials Studies 11 or First Nations 12
Physical Education 10
Graduation Transitions portfolio (4 credits)
At least 28 electives must be completed in Gr. 10, 11 and 12. Everything at the Grade 12 level is an elective, except English 12/Communications 12

(Christian Education 12 is required at STA, but not required by the Ministry for graduation.)
Christian Education 12 is required for graduation from STA... students must pass to walk the stage at the Commencment Ceremony and to participate in the Graduation Banquet in June.
A timetable must contain at least 7 credit courses. One non-credit block is permitted.

The other non-credit block could be

or a
Service Block
. These are assigned by the Academic Advisor based on recommendations of teachers.
Fine Arts/Applied Skills requirement
4 credits must be earned during grade 10, 11 or 12 in the area of:
Information Technology
Elements of the GT Portfolio
Personal Health
Employability Skills
Community Involvement
Career & Education Planning
Educational goals - what to study?
Location of study - in Canada or abroad?
Which vocation, career, profession?
Degree, certificate or diploma?
Future job prospects - consider careers in demand; forecasts for careers in future
Research: What can I do with a _______ degree?
What am I passionate about?
Can I work with people? At a desk? On a job site? Travel?
What skills do I have; do I need? Second Language? First Aid?

Degrees, certificates or diplomas
BCIT, Justice Institute, Armed Forces
Langara, Kwantlen, Douglas College
CapU, UBC, Corpus Christi, SFU

"The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it!"
M. Pancoast
External Language Credits
Students who have studied in another language other than English (during grade 7, 8, or 9) may be entitled to language credits

Students could also challenge a second language - to do this, meet with the Academic Advisor in September to find out what needs to be done

A Second language is not required for graduation, but may be required to enter, or graduate from the degree program you select.

We advise taking a second language until at least grade 11, and for some programs until grade 12.
Plan wisely
Grad requirements
University entrance requirements?
Non-credit course options
The GT interview
The course selection process
Other things to consider
Non-credit blocks
study block
tutoring block
service block
LRC block
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