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Call It Courage

About the book, Call It Courage

ty molling

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Call It Courage

Call It Courage Mafatu left Hikueru, with his dog Uri, because his friends and family were dissapointed that he was afraid of the sea. He would never return until he gained courage to face his fears. Mafatu is starving, and he sees a boar(It is great honor in Hikueru to be able to hunt down a boar). He was able to recieve the resources he needed that day because of the boar he caught. Mafatu kills a shark and a octipus because they tried to eat Uri and Mafatu. Mafatu scouts over the seas every day to see if the cannibals are coming to the island. One day he doesn't scout out the seas because he needed to build his canoe. That same night the cannibals show up. Mafatu was awoken by the loud banging of the drums. The cannibals see Mafatu, so Mafatu runs for his dear life and hops into the canoe he made. While paddling frantically, Mafatu and Uri are crashing into waves every second. Mafatu and Uri arrive to Hikueru safely, and nobody knows who they are until Mafatu says, "Father I'm home."
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