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International Buisness Presentation

Cheyenne Webb

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Greece

Finally QUIZ Country Information Greece Population: 11,275,285
Religion: Christian Orthodox
Capital: Athens Business Dress Men: Suits and Ties

Women: Casual Colors, Heels always, Dresses and or Dress suits. Words in Greece Yes: Nai'
No: O'hi
Thank You: Efharisto'
Please: Parakalo' Things to know before going to Greece . Making Appointments ~Meetings starts late and Run late

~It is very difficult to accomplish anything in summer months

~Some businesses, like shops still keep the traditional Greek hours of 8:30-1:00 and 4:00-7:00.

~Most offices will work from 8:30-4:30.
~ Varies to the time of year. Government offices and agencies can close at 2.30. ~Greece shares its borders with Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

~Greece is located to the south of Europe.

~The location of Greece to the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula. LOCATION!! Greek Flag Meaning/Info: 500 20 10 5  
They are all exactly the same throughout the euro area. They illustrate the evolution of architectural styles in the history of Europe: windows and bridges bring people together.
  Currency in Paper Money One Cent - 1/100 of a Euro
Two Cents - 2/100 of a Euro
Five Cents - 5/100 of a Euro
Ten Cents - 10/100 of a Euro
Twenty Cents - 20/100 of a Euro
Fifty Cents - 50/100 of a Euro
One Euro - 100/100, 1 full Euro
Two Euros - 200/100, 2 full Euros Currency in Coin Money ~Don’t ask for butter for your bread.
~Sixty-five percent of the population of Greece smokes. It’s allowed practically everywhere
~Payment in Greece is almost exclusively done with cash
`~Pay attention when you cross a street because car drivers seem to totally ignore pedestrians ~The Greek style of conversation is often much louder and more emotional.
~Greeks have strong opinions on almost any topic which they are happy to share, discuss, debate and argue
~Greeks are emotional, intense, expressive and imaginative.
~They use expansive arm and hand gestures when speaking.
~Physical contact is common – even among two friends who may be of the same gender.
~ Hugging, kissing on the cheek and walking arm in arm are all common.
~They will maintain strong eye contact when speaking. Common Things to expect from Greeks Passing along a compliment, or showing interest in learning more about the impact of Greece in the world will help to build good will.

Greeks rather a compliment from a foreigner rather than an actual conversation GOOD TOPICS Politics can be a touchy subject for foreigners and if at all possible it is best to avoid this topic when you are first developing a relationship with a Greek partner.

Cyprus is also a touchy subject, as is the topic of Turkey and both should be avoided if possible. Be prepared to back up any opinions you may have on any topic.

It is best to keep observations such as this to yourself. BAD TOPIC

~Greeks are more formal with names than some other countries.

~ First names are used among friends and closer business contacts, but the head of an Office will typically be addressed using the title of Mr. and his last name.

~Best to be more formal when first meeting.

~Even when first names are used, Greeks may add a title such as Mr. or Mrs. before a first name as a sign of respect. First Name or Title? ~Most Greeks on the street don’t speak English.
~Shake hands with everyone individually in a group before departing.
~Kissing is a common greeting once there is a familiar relationship.
~Eye contact during introductions is important; as long as the individual is addressing you, maintain eye contact.
The US “OK” sign with the thumb and forefinger may be considered obscene.
~Nodding the head upward means no, (it looks similar to the US nod for yes), and it is often accompanied with a slight bearing of the teeth and a small clicking sound with the tongue.
~Never raise an open palm at face level, this is an insult. Birth •   Confirmation (religious event) •   Birthdays- necessary •   Courting •   Weddings- necessary •   Graduation •   Anniversaries •   Retirement •   Meetings ~Many Greeks in business speak English.
~typically acceptable to come to meetings one half-hour late.
~Plan your meetings as carefully and well in advance as you can, but expect changes.
~Meetings are usually vibrant and everyone is expected to participate. ~Greeks view entertaining as an opportunity to develop a better personal relationship with business partners.
~When eating out, Greeks will often order many small dishes called mezes instead of one large plate. Mezes are typically shared among the group
~Drinking coffee for the Greeks is a sacred ritual. It is common for business people to meet for a coffee. Gift Giving Occasions ~Compared to the USA, Greece is very different.
~The currency amounts are the same but they look different .
~If you visit Greece be prepared for lots of smoking on the streets, and do not ask butter for your bread.
~Speak Loudly, because there conversations are very loud. Acceptable Behavior Negotiating in Greece Entertainment Dining in Greece Conclusion Multiple Choice 1. What should Ladies wear?
A. Dresses and Flats
B. Dresses and Heels
C. Dress Suits and Heels
D. B&C 2. What should Men wear for business attire?
A. Jeans and Nice Shirts
B. Slacks and a Tee Shirt
C. Suits and Ties 3. What is the word YES, in Greek Language?
A. Nai'
B. Ysi'
C. Neither 4. Which of following is a bad topic for to bring up?
A. Politics
B. Compliments
C. Cyrpus
D. A&C 5. What drink is most common at lunch and dinner?
A. Apple Juice
B. water
C. Wine True and False 1. Most Greeks don't speak English in the Business World.
2. Its important to give a gift to a hostess, birthday, and meetings.
3. The capital of Greece, is Athens.
4. Greeks prefer to pay with paper money.
5. Always Ask for butter for your bread. Short Answers 1. Name 3 ways that it is appropriate for giving a gift.

2. Where is Greece located? and What countries does it shares borders with?

3. Is it better to use first name? or title? Answers:

Multiple Choice:
5.C Answers:

True and False:
5.F Answers:

Short Answers:

1. Birthdays, Meetings, Weddings, Retirement, Graduations, and Anniversary

2.Greece is located to the south of Europe. The location of Greece to the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula. It shares borders with Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey

3. Title, because they are very formal in Greece. The End!
Wine is common at lunch and dinner.

Greeks love to eat, so they will assume you will want seconds. If you don’t leave a little on your plate, the same with drinks.

You will be permitted or encouraged to go to the kitchen to see what they have to offer.

Don’t order anything fried unless it’s cooked to order. Greek Flag ~The colors of the Greek flag are blue and white.
~Blue represents the sky and the sea
~White represents the purity of the Greek’s struggle for independence.
~The 13 stripes in the flag stand for the 13 syllables in the Greek phrase “live free or die”.
~The cross represents the Greek Orthodox religious faith. Seven denominations: 5, 10, 20,50, 100, 200 and 500
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