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Emirates airline presentation

No description

Valérie C

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Emirates airline presentation

Company's overview
Some figures & facts
Our conclusion
How does Emirates airline communicate
through the world ?

Table of contents
Company's overview

Analysis of different ads by continent

Is a universal campaign possible for an airline company ?


A worldwide presence
• Based in Dubai

• Created in 1985 by the Dubai’s royal family

• Owned by the Dubai’s government.

• CEO: Tim Clark

• Operating 3 000 flight per week.

• Turnover in 2013 73 113 million AED (Arabian Emirates Dirham) = 14 708 millions of €

• a growth of +668% in 10 years

• 22,6% per year

Middle East
Gulf and Middle East
Gulf and Middle East
2013 revenue: 1,47 bln $(+ 12.7% yty)

From the International Airport in Dubai :

More than 800 flights per week
130 destinations over six continents from Dubai

Campaign message:
Fly Emirates. To over Six Continents

Message of the commercial:
Dubai – the 21st century city full of the richness and diversity

Emirates– the 21st century airline with the recent and modern fleet and with over 400 awards for service excellence

19 destinations

2013 revenue : 1,35 billions € (+ 9,5%)

More than 250 flights/week

Employs more than 4000 people

So ?
aerial views
feeling of adventures
almost no human being!

33 cities

Europe represent 28,4 % of
geographical revenue in 2012

East of Asia / Australasia
and Europe are the best revenue
streams behind America

Only with its flights towards Europe, the company generated a 5,5 billion dollars in 201/2013
15 % progress compared with the previous year

So ?
Wilderness, animals, landscapes, aerial views,
feeling of adventures, almost no human being!

The advertising:
Use of 7 quotations = represent all the reasons for going in Europe.
Images parade, represent Europe, its attractions and symbols

●Target :
Dynamic person who want to visit Europe

Objectives :

To promote the attractions of Europe
To show that thanks to Emirates, they can move towards Europe easily
To show that Emirates is established everywhere and can answer all requests

20 884 AED m (4 204 millions €)

69 destinations

2nd region in term of turnover

Is an universal campaign possible
for an airline company?
YES! Share a smile by Emirates

29 videos in 14 different languages

Target => Globalistas

“Individuals who are well-travelled, or have ambitions to become well-travelled, and who also embrace the opportunity to try the unfamiliar”

Thank you
for your attention !
Any questions ?

To be different from the competitors


Reach the right target

Promote the crew and their skills

Allow connecting people and cultures

Maybe not as efficient as specific ads

Some people don't feel concern because
of cultural differences

They say that they are the best airlines company so they have to be up to their promises

Non relevant
Universal campaign
 Yes,
a universal campaign is possible and the one of Emirates is relevant


Emirates is the first airline company which propose an universal campaign

The right target is reached - Globalistas

Allow them to be leader on the market

9 destinations in North America

3 destinations in South America

The airline forecasts to operate 15 routes
in the US between 3 to 5 years

2013 : new brand campaign to build awareness of its network strength across America.

: encouraging people to explore the best the Americas have to offer
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