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Birth Control

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Sarah Francois

on 18 January 2018

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Transcript of Birth Control

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Birth Control
The Pill
The birth control pill is a hormonal way to prevent pregnancy. It is taken every day by a female. It works by preventing the ovaries from releasing an egg. Therefore there is no egg to be fertilized. When used effectively, the pill is 91% effective.

The Patch
The patch works similarly to the pill. The patch is like a sticker worn on the body and is replaced every 3 weeks. When used correctly, the patch is 91% effective.
The implant is a small device implanted into the arm which stops ovulation. The implant is 99% effective.
The only guaranteed way to prevent pregnancy is through abstaining from sex. However, there are many other ways to prevent pregnancy.
The Ring
The ring is a small flexible ring that is inserted into the vagina. It releases hormones that prevent ovulation. The ring is 91% effective.
Cervical Cap
The cervical cap is a small silicone cup that in placed inside the vagina in order to prevent sperm from meeting an egg. It is
71-86% effective.
The Sponge
The birth control sponge is a small round sponge that contains spermicides and is placed inside the vagina before intercourse. The sponge is between 76-88% effective.
The Shot
Depo-Provera or the shot is a shot that is taken every 3 months. This method also prevents ovulation. The shot is 94% effective.
Birth Control
Birth control is any method used in order to prevent pregnancy.
What methods of birth control do you know of?
The Diaphragm
The diaphragm is a barrier that covers the cervix, stopping sperm from joining an egg. It is 88% effective.
Fertility Tracking
This method prevents pregnancy by tracking one's fertile days and avoiding sex or using other birth control methods on those days. There are various ways to track fertility such as the temperature method, the calendar method, and the cervical mucus method. This method is 76% effective.
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