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The Limit

By: Addie, Ben, Sam, and Leo

sam voghell

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of The Limit

The problem of
The Limit
is the dystopian government. This is when the parents go over the financial limit set up by the government . These parent's children are taken to a workhouse were they must work off the money. This happens after the parents go over the limit. Children will stay at the workhouse for multiple years. Children also will work for the government.

By: Sam
One of the theme topic of the limit is money. The government gives the community money but then if the family goes over the limit then their children must be transported over to a workhouse where they will be assigned to a floor by their intellectual ability, and they can work there to try and reduce their families debt .

By: Leo

By: Addie, Sam, Ben, and Leo
The Limit
What is a dystopia?
The setting of the book
The Limit
is the workhouse. At the workhouse, they kidnap kids whose parents go over the limit. The kids are then assigned a floor by how smart they are, and are put to work for several hours. The kids who aren't as smart as the top floors are on most occasions brainwashed, leading to severe headaches. The workhouse is a tall glass and silver building located in a place with many trees and a road not far away.

By: Addie
Theme Topics
A dystopia is a society that has many strict rules and almost no civil rights. Dysopia's are usually set in the future, and the government itself is the antagonist.

By: Addie
Why is The Limit a Dystopia?
The Limit
is a dystopia because
the government controls how much money they spend, and what happens when the spend money. If a family goes over "the limit" they are forced to send their kids to a workhouse to pay of their debt. The citizens are oblivious to what is going on and are made to think that they have plenty of money and they can spend it however they choose.

By: Addie
The mood of
The Limit
is hope and determination. The reason the mood is hope is because Matt hopes to leave the warehouse and see his family again. The mood is also determination because Matt, Coop, Jeffery an everyone else are trying to get out, just like in the book The Giver because Jonas is determined to make the world more real and happier.

By: Ben

The solution to The Limit is Matt smuggling out a hard drive with information stating the truth about the limit. Jeffery hacks the system and discovers the truth. The truth about the limit is that children are forced to work for the government and are manipulated to only work for the government and must stay there for many years. The public learns about this and starts to question the children that work at the workhouse. While this is happening Crab woman takes Matt and his friends into the basement where they are held captive. Soon they escape and tell the public about the truth.

By: Sam
The tone of
The Limit
is being cautious. The reason
I think this is the author wants you to be cautious with the way you spend your money and not to be frivilous with it. I also think the author is trying to warn kids about what happens if you go to deep into debt.

By: Ben
The Limit
The Giver
Henry Cooper
Neela Lauren Dunson
Honey Lady
Matt Dunson
Venn diagram
What makes
The Limit
The Giver
dystopian societies?
How is their government alike and how is it different?
The Giver and The Limit both have a oppressive government. that limit the freedom of both societies. This leads to both novels having a main character expose the truth about the oppressive government.

They both have a government that work in secret. This leads to both societies having its people have no knowledge of a oppressive government

The Giver has more strict rules such as having the government predetermine your name job wife and more.

The Giver also has independent districts. Unlike how The Limit's districts are not confined to their own lives.

The Giver also depends on one person (the giver) to make sure the community stays in order.

The Limit Book Trailer-

By: Sam
By: Ben and Addie
The Limit has much more freedom than The Giver. For example the people in The Limit can choice their jobs and names unlike how The Giver's community have less freedom.

The Limit's society has more modern day relations. such as how Matt plays on the computer and plays basketball with his friends. The Giver's children have less emotion than the children in The Limit.
Crab Woman
Sharlene Smoot
(HOney Lady)
Matt Dunson
Lauren DUnson
Miss Smoot is the antaganist of the story.
She tries to make it seem that the whole situation of the family going over debt is ok. As Matt says she pretty much flows gracefully like honey, that is were she got her nickname. Matt also likes to think of the Honey Lady like a cheerleader because she is always overly enthusiastic and sweet.

By: Ben
Paige is a top floor at the workhouse, who helps with Matt's escape plan at the end of the story. Matt has a crush on Paige, and kisses her at the end.

By: Addie
Lauren is Matt's younger sister. After Matt is brought to the workhouse Lauren is also brought to the workhouse, because their parents go over the limit yet again. At the workhouse Lauren develops headaches and even has a seizure in the elevator as Matt is made to return to his floor.

By: Addie
Crab Woman is a grumpy lady who works as the lady at the desk in the workhouse. At the end of the story Matt and his friends learn that Crab Woman is with the Honey Lady in her evil plans to brainwash the children who are not as smart as the top floors. When the police surround the building, Crab Woman takes Matt, Paige, Jeffery, and Cooper to the basement with a gun so that nobody discovers the truth.

By: Addie
Jeffery is a top floor at the workhouse and is best friends with Matt and Cooper. The unique thing about Jeffery is that he is just about the only child at the workhouse who wants to stay there forever. Jeffery wants to stay at the workhouse because he says his parents do not care about him and his brothers are in trouble with the poilce. Even though Jeffery wishes he could stay at the workhouse forever he helps his friends get the truth out by hacking into the workhouses systems.

By: Addie
Matt Dunson is the main character and the protagonist in this story and is taken to the work house when his family goes over the limit when shopping when he is at the workhouse he sees that there are some kids getting sick with headaches or even seizures when matt tries to find out whats going on he and his friends find out about a plan to brainwash lower
floor children
/ . . \
Brain being brain
Neela is a female indian who is housed on the top floor of the wherehouse untill she dosent finish an assignment and then gets moved down to the forth floor
Neela is a female indian who is housed on the top floor of the workhouse untill she dosent finish an assignment and then gets moved doesent complete an assignment on time and then gets experimented on as a brainwashed subject and begins to get headaches like every other non top floor children because the top floor children are too valuable to be expirimented on.
By: Leo
By: Leo
an athletic child who enjoys playing padle wall ball which would have been cool if the writer had taken more time explaining what it even was. its proably a version of paddle ball just more complex. Anyway, coop is an intellegent child who is housed on the top floor of the work house and he and his friends uncover a plot to brain wash the lower floor children.
By: Leo
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