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Hello my presentation is about...

No description

Aron De Vries

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Hello my presentation is about...

Hello my presentation is about..
My family
I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. 1 of them is my twin brother there names are: Timo ( twin brother ), Joas & Sifra My twin brother is 12 years old, my other brother is 20 years old, My sister is 17 years old. My dad is 53 years old and my mam is 50.
Where i live
i live in Houten and a litte bit in Schalkwijk. My parents are divorced and my mam still has no firm House. She lives temporarily in schalkwijk.
About myself
Hello, i'm Aron i'm 12 years old. i'm born in 2001. I'm a twin we differ 18 minutes from each other. I'm the first born.

My pets
My Family
- Where i live
- my pets
I have 1 cat named: Pipi. I had two hamsters but one was eaten by my cat and the other we do not know for sure but he probably died by the smell (I did not cleen his cage in 6 weeks)
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