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No description

sophia manly

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Herobrine?!?!

He will spawn random mobs and try to kill you, and if you have mods on, he can spawn more, and like more and defrent mobs come to kill you.
Did You Know?
Who is Herobrine?
Do you know?
In wikipedia people say Herobrine is FAKE but he is real. I know because I saw him October 30, 2013.
Signs of HIM
Some signs of Herobrine are trees with no leaves, towers of glowstone, signs with text, and random glitches.
Did you know?
Herobrine is Notch's dead brother who somehow embedded into minecraft.
Herobrine Does What?
Sometimes he will drop tnt and also drops blocks on top of you so he can destract you.
Herobrine is a ghost character in minecraft who haunts people and builds weird structures around your world. Herobrine's skin is a steve ski

Herobrine made minecraft but Notch took over and let Herobrine die.
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