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George Washington

No description

Sarah C

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of George Washington

Basic Information
April 6, 1789

Oath of office administered:
April 30, 1789

In office:
8 years
-People call him Mr. President.

-Head of Congress and other departments report to him.

- Limit to 2 terms.

-Presidents can go home if they choose to.

-Choose his cabinets/advisors.

-Farewell Address.

-Saying, "So help me God" during his oath.
Presidential Cabinet
They are appointed members that advise and assist him in carrying out duties.

Vice President-
John Adams

Secretary of State-
Thomas Jefferson

Secretary of Treasury-
Alexander Hamilton

Secretary of War-
Henry Knox

Attorney General-
Admund Randalph
Judiciary Act of 1789
established our courts which involved
a federal court, 3 circuit courts, and 13 district courts

Chief Justice:
John Jay

Associate Judges

circuit courts
district courts
George Washington
Part I

Political party:

Elected from:

Vice president:
John Adams

Hamilton's Economic Plan
Reason for Plan:
strengthen the central government and pay all the debts back.
Hamilton's Compromise

Reason for Compromise:
To get approval for assumption plan in exchange to locate the capital in the South.
Bank of United States:
depository for federal funds

to receive different types of taxes

It would contribute to having a stable national currency and strong economy.
Outcome of Hamilton's Compromise
1. Hamilton got his assumption plan approved .

2. The capital was moved so it would be located on the Potomac River.
By Heewon Kim, Sarah Chen,
Lan Bui, Shachi Kulkarni

1. Fund full payment of foreign and nation debt.
2. Assumption of State Debt
3. An Excise Tax on Whiskey
4. A Federally Chartered Bank of United States
He was more than 6 ft. tall when he was 16 years old.

His hands were the largest "ever seen in a human being." -Lafayette

He loved math, adventures, and surveying lands.

He died on 12/14/1799 at midnight due to a cold.

He couldn't spell the words "pierce," "ceiling," and "seize," even as an adult.

Washington wore dentures for most of his life, but contrary to popular belief, they were not made of wood
Interesting Facts
Judiciary Act of 1789
Supreme Court
circuit courts
district courts
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