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China I

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able can

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of China I

Questions: The Opium War
What was the Chinese and British system like before the war?
East-West Encounters: China I
Why started from Opium?
Why War?
Negotiation failed since Macartney Mission
The Progress of the War
British Navy Vs Chinese Navy
How did Britain defend about the Opium War?
China and Britain before the War
The Old Empire VS The New Empire
Why did the war start from opium?
Why war?
How did Britain defend about the war?
Political system and foreign relationship
Legal system
Science and Technology
China-Britain Trade in the early 1800s
Self-Sufficient Economy in China
Trading system
Impatient British merchants asked for war with China to break into the Chinese market
Destruction of Opium in Humen
Britain decided to uphold its honor and asked for compensation
War in 1840, 1841 and 1842
Treaty of Nanjing
The Treaty of Nanjing and Humen
Indemnity was paid for the opium destroyed;
Five ports were opened to foreign traders. Britain officials and merchants were allowed to live there;
Hong Kong was ceded to Britain;
Britain and Chinese officials were regarded as equals;
The old system of Guangzhou trade was abolished.
Results of the Opium War
China was forced into the modern trade system; The independence of China was interrupted;
Interpretation of the Opium War
Imperialism and feudalism over China
The Second Opium War
1. The Causes:
British PM's letter to Chinese PM
The Problem of Opium War for Britain
The import was fixed at a low rate ;
Britain was given extra-territorial rights;
British warships were allowed in the five ports to protect British people there;
Britain was given the 'the most favored nation' treatment.
Foreign influence expanded in China, and China started to lose control on its own business, resources and people to the foreign powers;
But still, Chinese rulers were still unaware of the changes taking place outside China. Another humiliation was yet to come and surprise China.
The impact of the west and the decline of traditional China as the center of the world
The treaty of Nanjing suggests a renegotiation of the treaty after 12 years;
Britain and France want China to open more ports and place their embassy in Beijing;
The Arrow Incident
2. The War
3. The Results:
The Treaty of Beijing and Tianjing
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