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Using the Retention Center

For NAU ELC SILT October 2013

Dan Stoffel

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Using the Retention Center

What We'll Cover
Retention Center vs GPS
Your Course Activity
Displays a snapshot of course activity including:
Assessment (provide students with timely feedback on their work to help them succeed)
Interaction and Collaboration (create an interactive and collaborative environment for your students
Learner Support (inform students about news, events, and course changes regularly)
Course Content (stagger the availability of course content to keep students engaged)
Customizing Alerts
Click the Customize button to make changes to the default alerts in your course
Edit a current Rule to make changes
10-Minute Rule
Context-sensitive Help in Bb Learn
Using the Retention Center to Identify At-Risk Students
Dan Stoffel
Associate Director
e-Learning Center

How to Access
Default Options
Your Course Activity
Customizing Alerts
Communicating with Students
Retention Center vs GPS
Questions & Where to Get Help
GPS (NAU Grade Performance Status)
May send multiple emails at once to categories of students
Record of notification stored in LOUIE
Notification to students via both NAU email and my.nau.edu portal alerts
Less customizable alert types
No information about course content
Emails may be sent only once weekly
Complicated interface
Communicating with Students
Add a new alert by selecting a rule type from the Create Rule drop-down menu
Delete a rule or modify its visibility in the Risk Table
If no rule appears for one of the four types, return to the Retention Center and click Use Defaults? in a rule's column heading. The default rule and its criteria will be added.
From a student's risk report, select Notify > Student to send an email to the student
The email will go to the student's NAU email account (not through the Bb Messages tool)
The Subject and Body will be populated with default information, which may be changed
Where To Find Help
Blackboard Website: help.blackboard.com
Support tab in Bb Learn
e-Learning Center Help Desk (instructors)
Student Technology Center (students)
How to Access
the Retention Center
From the Evaluation Menu (replaces the Early Warning System)
From the Global Navigation Menu
Default Options
Missed Deadlines (based on Due Dates)
Grades Alert (External Grade is 25% below class average)
Activity Alert (activity in the past week is 20% below course average)
Access Alert (last access more than 5 days ago)
Click on an alert to see details
Remember, this is only reporting on certain activities that can be tracked within Bb Learn... this is not necessarily an accurate picture of how interactive, collaborative or engaging your course is! Blended and face-to-face courses will obviously show much less activity on average.
Select Monitor to start monitoring the specific student more closely
Retention Center
Send a message to one student at a time
Record of notifications stored within Bb Learn and copied to sender
Notification to students via email only
Very customizable alert types
Information regarding course content and interaction
Emails may be sent at any time
Relatively simple interface
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