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Lesson #7: Mangroves

No description

chris desmond

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Lesson #7: Mangroves

Mangroves! Mangrove tree: A mangrove tree is one that grows in or near salty water conditions in a tropical or subtropical climate. Mangrove Forest: A large grouping of mangrove islands Propagule: Part of the plant (seed pod) that helps the mangrove to its next stage in life through dispersal. From the black mangrove tree. Pencil like roots that stick up from the mud to get oxygen. Pneumatophores: The level of saltiness in a body of water. Salinity: Nature Preserve: A protected area of importance for wildlife. Biodiversity: The variety of life within an ecosystem or habitat. Food Chain: The sequence of who eats who in an ecosystem to obtain nutrition and energy. Dolphin eats fish and small invertebrates that get their food from the mangrove habitat! Species that use the mangrove habitat... See the Oysters the roots used to grab hold and start growing an island! Mangrove crab! Bobcat! Raccoon Great Blue Heron Little Blue Heron Deer crossing the shallow water to get to the mangrove island!
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