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Writing Trait: Organization

No description

Stacie Scheiner

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Writing Trait: Organization

The way a piece of writing is put together: structure, order, and sequence Organization However it is one of the hardest traits to master. The story is written in paragraphs that separate events or ideas Paragraphs are indented in order for readers to easily identify where one idea or event switches to a different idea or event. Organization holds an entire written piece together. That is why it is such an important trait. The written piece has a clear beginning, middle, and end. The events in the story go in chronological order (in the order according to time)
The written piece includes TRANSITION WORDS such as: first, second, third, then, next, finally) Order You will work with your partner to answer the following questions. The first team to raise their hand and answer the question correctly will earn a prize :) So, let us see what you can remember Structure Beginning The piece has a good beginning that grabs the readers attention and makes them want to read more! Middle The body of the written piece has details that seem to be in the right order, not mixed up! The body includes dialogue that not only adds voice but also more detail to the work End The conclusion brings the piece to a close. The reader is not left with any questions about what is going to happen next. Sequence Ms. Scheiner's Quiz 2.) What does structure refer to? 3.) What does order refer to? 4.) What does sequence refer to? 1.) What are the 3 main components
good of organization? 5.) What must a good beginning do? 6.) What must a good middle do? 7.) What must a good ending do? 8.) Why is it important to indent each
paragraph in a narrative essay? 9.) Why is organization so important
when writing a narrative essay? Think about it...what are somethings in your life that you need to organize? Are they easy to do? But once you have it all figured out... All of the paragraphs in the essay are

The paragraphs clearly separate the authors' ideas. The beginning is there but is not necessarily exciting to read. In the middle, there are good details. Dialogue is used but it could be used better. At the end, the conclusion is OK, but it could be better. The writer was unsure how to connect their ideas, so they used very few or no transitions. There are multiple paragraphs, each indented. There is a clear beginning, middle, and end to the paper The story moves in chronological order and uses transitions. The events or details in the story are not in any real order. Questions to think about:

1. Are the paragraphs indented and separated in a way that makes the authors' ideas clear and easy to follow?

2. Is the introduction/beginning of the paper interesting? How could it be better if not?

3. Is the paper easy to follow? Or are some parts confusing?

4. Does the author tell the story in chronological order and use transition words to help the reader understand what happens next?

5. Is the conclusion a good ending to the story or should it be changed? There is no good beginning.
The beginning does not attract the readers attention

No dialogue or details are used.

It seems like the story never ends. The conclusion still has the readers asking questions.
Some of the paragraphs are indented.

The paragraphs seperate some of the ideas. The story is just one big paragraph and it is not clear, doesn't separate ideas, and is hard to follow.

None of the paragraphs are indented. The beginning is interesting to read.

It has a lot of details and good dialogue in the middle

At the end, there is a good conclusion with no questions being asked. a The events in the story are good and interesting for the reader.

Every paragraph uses a transition word
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