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LSI 311: Week 1

No description

Emily Sawyer

on 4 January 2017

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Transcript of LSI 311: Week 1

Syllabus review
Tour of ECC and contact forms
Introduction to TouchMath
Pre-test error analysis & module selection
Client file review
Exit Ticket/Course Questions
Tonight's Agenda
Introduction to TouchMath
Pre-test error analysis & module selection
How will this course support my understanding of teaching?
What will the expectations be for me for this course?
What can I expect from my professor?
Course goals/Syllabus
What brought you to teaching?
What do you do for fun outside of class?
Tour of ECC and Contact Forms
LSI 311
Teaching Mathematics Field Experience Lab
Exit Ticket
On a piece of notebook paper, please write:

3 things you found interesting
2 things you are curious/have questions about
1 thing tonight that connected to your schema (prior knowledge)
Client Profile Review
For next week:
- Create Parent Interview Questions
- Module Pre-test Practice and Reflection
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