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Sister Irene McCormack

No description

Lananh Nguyen

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Sister Irene McCormack

PEOPLE Yet some people don't know
her that well. SISTER IRENE WAS.... Loving Determined Courageous Caring Warm
Hearted Lets go on a journey about Sister Irene
McCormack so that we can learn something about her. Sister Irene was born on 21st of August 1938 in Western Australia. When she was 15 she decided that she wanted to be a nun. In 1956 she joined the Sisters of Saint Joseph. She spent the next
few years teaching
children. After 30 years
teaching in Australia
she decided to help
serve the poor and
needed people. In 1987 She arrived in Peru to do missionary work. Before she became a nun she wrote a loving letter to her mother “I hope I can rely on
you to do what is best,
and I thank God for
the wonderful parents
he has given me. I hope
I am not proving a
disappointment to you,
but it is my duty to God to follow in his calling no matter where it leads.”

Sincerely Irene McCormack. As she was in Peru she taught the village children how to read and write. On 26 June 1989, Sister Irene left to serve in Huasahuasi When she was in
Huasahuasishe trained extraordinary ministers of the HolyCommunion and she had been visiting the parishioners
in the far districts. On 17 December 1989, the priests
of Huasahuasi were warned that they were in danger from Sendero Luminoso so Sister Irene and Sister Dorothy left the village for Lima. Sister Irene felt that the church should not be abandon so she returned to the church on 14th January 1990. For 12 months Huasahuasi there was no priest. Sister Irene and Sister
Dorothy served the people, led the communion services and provided leadership for the people. On Tuesday 21st of May
1991 around 6pm, armed bandit members of Sendero Luminoso entered the town of Huasahuasi and threatened the resisdents home. During the attack of the armed bandits, Sister Irene was in a convent all alone because Sister Dorothy was recieving medical treatment. WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN
TO SISTER IRENE? The armed bandits did not enter
the convent but ordered Sister
Irene to come out. She
did what she was told to do. The armed bandits took
her to a plaza with all
the other people that
had been captured The bandits did not like
Sister Irene providing
Americanfood and educating
the people bygiving them books.

The local people told the bandits
that Sister Irene was Australian
and not American. The bandits
then dismissed Sister Irene
as not being irrelevant
with the situation. During the night, a group of
people from the village helped
Sister Irene and managed her to
get back to the church. But the
bandits soon noticed Sister
Irene's absence and captured her
again and returned her to the bench. The five prisoners including Sister Irene were ordered to lie face down on the floor. Each prisoner were shot once in the back of the head. Sister Irene was the first to be killed. That was the end of
Sister Irene McCormack. ANNOUNCEMENT!! In 1991, 23rd of May a funeral
mass was held on this day for Sister
Irene. She was buried in the Huasahuasi cemetery. On October 2010, the Australian media reported that Sister Irene McCormack could become 'Australia's second saint', after the canonisation of Mary MacKillop. This became a very exciting news for the people who knew Sister Irene. I hope you loved the presentation and I
hope you learnt a thing or two interesting facts about Sister Irene McCormack.
From Lan Anh Nguyen
8 Catherine Sister Dorothy is Sister Irene's companion On October 2010, the Australian media reported that Sister Irene McCormack could become 'Australia's second saint', after the canonisation of Mary MacKillop. This became a very exciting news for the people who knew Sister Irene.

Irene McCormack
18th of April 2011

Irene McCormack
18th of April 2011

Sister Irene McCormack
19th of April 2011

Irene McCormack
20th of April 2011

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