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Art Project

No description

BB Willis

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Art Project

Geometric Sculptures Project By: Eric WIllis Outline For my project for Art Class, I made a cylinder with
a rectangluar prism as a base, and an other rectangular
prism as somewhat of a base for the top half of a football. My sculpture has many square sections on it describing the outcome of every single Wartburg College Football game from 2001-2010. It has the record of the team each year, and also has a list of the All- Americans if there were any that year. Ideas For Project I researched many different sculptures and trophies
for this project. The one that I mostly got my idea
from was the Vince Lombardi Trophy. It is the trophy
that the winning team of the Super Bowl receives for winning
the Super Bowl. I thought that this fit in well with my sculpture because this trophy had a football at the top touching the shape, and I thought thats what I wanted to do for my sculpture. Ideas For Placement of Project For my project, I decided to place my sculpure on the campus
of Wartburg College. My sculpture will be placed near the
entrance of The W from the campus side. It is also very close to the
football stadium, and that was key in my decision making. Like I said earlier, my project has a lot to do with Wartburg Football. I chose the spot because it has pretty good traffic flow in terms of students passing by, and it is at a good spot for viewers during home games at Wartburg. I think it is the best possible spot to put it if you want people to see what kind of success Wartburg Football has had during the last decade. Budget I got a lot of ideas from different companies on how much different supplies would cost to make or buy. Here are the different companies that I got my information from, and how much each supply with cost. Croell Redi - Mix, Waverly, Iowa Concrete, 1/2 yard for platform
Cost + Labor = $100.00 Miller's True Vallue, Waverly, Iowa Paint for concrete
1 quart = $10.99 Pries Enterprises, Inc., Independence, Iowa Creates Custom Shapes ( Cone + Rectangular Prism + Cylinder)
Set-Up and Engraving = $2,000.00
Paint for Aluminum = $300.00 Total Cost = $2,410.99
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