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Noise Ordinance in Austin NLNLNL

Fight in Austin

Nick Langenfeld

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Noise Ordinance in Austin NLNLNL

Noise Ordinance Noise Ordinance is when a ordinance (law) limits the decibels (measure of sound) of clubs and concerts> Decibels 1.70 decibels is normal talking 2. 112 decibels is a rock concert/club 3. 194 decibels is the loudest sound possible 4. 180 decibel causes death 5. 125 decibels is when pain comes Loudness Causes Good Bad 1. Satfyied coustomers 2. Buissness 1. Annoyed neighbors 2. Scared Pets Noise Ordinance is when a ordinance (law) limits the decibels (measure of sound) of concerts and clubs. The Loudness causes neighbors to move. Quiet Causes Good Bad 1. happy neighbors 2. calm pets 1. disapointed customers 2.lose buisness What should clubs do? Solution:
Sound proof the walls. The Noise Ordinance lowered the decibels by 42 decibels (112 to 70) in Austin! what does annoyed neighbors do to bands and clubs? Answer: they sue them.
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