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Analysis Of Performance - Athletics 100m Sprint

No description

Daniel Tan

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Analysis Of Performance - Athletics 100m Sprint

Analysis Of Performance
-Rules and Regulations
2.2.1:Rules and Regulations
Sprinters begin at the running blocks
Both feet have to be 'on' the starting blocks
Sprinter's hands must be behind the start line
The race begins with the opening gun
Sprinters are permitted only one false start before they are disqualified
Sprinters have to use either trainers/spikes/athletic shoes
Sprinters are immediately disqualified if deliberate disruption is seen
2.2.2:Observation and Analysis of Performance
2.2.4:Plan Strategies, Tactics and Practices/Drills
100m Sprint Start
-Plan Strategies, Tactics, and Practices
2.2.3:Observing and evaluating performance
Candidate No. : 1122
Daniel Tan
False start
Starting Blocks

-Gets up from starting position too early
-leads to increased air resistance
-Slow reaction time
-Poor hand positioning
-Body isn't leaning forward when accelerating
-Complete leg extension
-Wide arm placement
-Incomplete leg extension
-Arched back
-Straightened back
-Arms are thrown forward (past the head and maintains 90 degree angle)
-Head kept as low as possible
Practices to improve performance
Practice 1 : Walking Dumbbell Lunges
Improves Muscular Strength
Coaching Tips
Driving foot must be kept flat on floor at all times
Look ahead always to improve form
Keep body upright
Drive forward powerfully with front foot
Leg in cycling motion
Practice 2 : Tuck Jumps
Improves Power
Coaching Tips
Tuck legs in chest as high as possible
Squat immediately after landing and explode up again
Land with balls of feet and progress to a flat sole
Arm Swing-for more power
Look ahead to prevent loss of center of balance
Variations- Rocket Jumps, Obstacles

Strategies and Tactics
Carb Loading
warm ups
Prevent training at least 4 days before race
Keep form tight on first 40 meters
Sprint past the tape
Useing light spiked shoes are encouraged
Breath control
Knowing positioning of you and your competitiors
-Observation and Analysis of performance
2.2.5: Personal Exercise Plan
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