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The Mediums Of Literature And The Combined Arts

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Hazel Gladys Generalao

on 15 July 2015

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Transcript of The Mediums Of Literature And The Combined Arts

The medium of literature is language; that is, the writer uses words with which to "build" his composition.
Literature uses words
that have fairly definite
meanings in their context,
but are capable of connoting
other level of meanings.
The dancer uses his body to
communicate an idea or feeling
to his audience.
The Mediums Of Literature And The Combined Arts
The term LITERATURE is more
exclusively used to refer to works
that exploit the suggestive power
of language.

Combined Arts
Theatrical productions combine
several mediums-- the play, which
is the literary form; plot which is
rendered by the actors & actresses;
and props.
Television can transmit almost instantaneously these performances and other forms of entertainment into the viewers' homes by electronic methods.
The cinema ---- motion
picture---- is an extension
of photography.
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