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School work

Angel Lover

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of CODY SIMPSON

by: Anureet&Sushmeet
Cody Simpson
Cody simpson has 3 different types of genres.One of his genre is pop. Pop is another word for popular music.Pop music styles includes urban,dance,rock,latin and country.In pop music they use electric guitars, drums and bass for instruments.
R&B is a music genre that combines elements of rhythm and blues, pop, soul, funk, and hip hop.The instruments that are used keyboard, drum machine, vocals, talk box.
Teen pop is a sub genre of pop music that is created for preteens and teenage. Teen pop is a copy of genres such as pop, dance, R&B, hip hop, country and rock.The lyrics in teen pop music are focused on teenage issues such as relationships, finding yourself, friendships, and fitting in.
He has several albums out right now like 4U,Coast to Coast, and Paradise. He has created lots of song like IYIYI , all day , on my mind ,so listen ,wish u were here and lots more.Cody always says that it is not easy to write song. He says that let the words come out from your heart.
Cody Simpson middle name is Robert. He is born January 11 1997 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.His current age is 16 years old. He is a Australian pop singer. He is 1.80m tall.Cody Simpson favorite color are blue and green, favorite baseball team is New York Yankees.His favorite fruit is watermelon and he has a dog name Molly. His parents are Brad and Angie Simpson. He has two younger siblings, Tom and Alli Simpson.He is a singer and also a talented swimmer,he won two gold medals at the Queensland Swimming Championships.Cody began singing in his bedroom and posted them on YouTube like Cry Me a River and Senorita by Justin Timberlake and his own songs like One and Perfect. He gave up swimming and signed with Atlantic Records to stared his singing career.He plays the guitar and piano.He got his first guitar lesson when he was seven years old
Shawn Campbell discovered Cody Simpson on YouTube
In all of cody's songs he always says "I like this right here"
instruments:Guitar and vocal
Types of beat:Cody has a up going beat which is fast and slow in certain songs
Tempo:ALL types of tempo
Cody Simpson has a good image to all his fans and has he hasn't done any crimes,drugs or anything else which would make him a "bad boy"
Well Cody Simpson wears "cool" clothes such as skinny jeans and v neck t shirts or sometimes a tux.
Cody and alli when they were little
Cody,alli and tom
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