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Patrick Vandeleur

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of MPD

Our new range of circuit protection devices for the residential market are here! They are designed to make life easier for the electrician - our customer When electricians call you only need to tell them one word... "Hey Paula, how's it going?" "Hey good thanks Dave, how's about yourself?" "Not too bad, hey listen I've got a switchboard that needs doing. I need onekonekt." "onekonekt? What's onekonekt?" "Onekonekt, the protection range - it's Hager." "oh ok, yes I think we've got it" .. I think I better call my Hager B&R rep.. Halo!
Daniel Hager speaking... "Hello, is Daniel there please?" "Hi Daniel, it's Paula, could you tell me what onekonekt is please?" Hi Paula! onekonekt is our exciting new range of circuit protection aimed at the Residential market, designed to make the installation easier for the contractor. Flexibility "We have designed onekonekt to be flexible. Devices can be removed and installed without affecting other devices or wiring or connections." "...There are insulating caps for the busbar prongs, for added safety..." Safety Visibility "... We have added a labelling system called Semiolog. Contractors can download this program from www.hagerbr.com.au" Performance "Paula, all our residential range of circuit protection is now 6kA. And our RCDs and RCBOs are now Type A Devices which mean they are more accurate at identifying earth leakage faults." Easier "We've made it easier to install by insulating the neutral terminals. This means the busbar can be connected without alteration." "The contractor can now connect all onekonekt protective devices in either single phase or three phase configuration." "The contractor or electrician can connect onekonekt devices anyway they require.." "...and of course with the Bi-connect terminals the electrician can connect both conductors and busbar to the same device..." "On top of all of this we have our new Onekombo. Our single module wide RCBO. "
6kA, Type A. In 10, 13, 16 and 20Amp." "So Paula, we've put a lot of thought into our onekonekt residential range. So as to provide a better solution for the Contractor. The design and flexibility of the range has taken Hager protection devices to the next level.
Does this Help?" Onekombo Onekonekt "Yes, that's great Daniel. Thanks for your help. Have you got pricing and availability, for me?" "Absolutely!" "Wow Paula this onekonekt is great!
Thanks for all you help."
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