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Nowhere to Call Home- Sydney Braden

This prezi is by Sydney Braden

Andrea Hardwick

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Nowhere to Call Home- Sydney Braden

Nowhere to Call Home

In this chapter, Frances' father had committed suicide in his home, because the stock market crashed and caused his business, just like many others, to fail. This left Frances with only her servants and nowhere to go.
Chapter One
Chapters Two and Three
In these chapters, Frances chooses to buy clothes and cut her hair to pretend that she is a boy. After a long while of waiting, Frances jumps into a boxcar, meeting a boy that calls himself, Stewpot. The two of them decide to call Frances, Frankie Blue. As we get to the end of these two chapters, Frankie is finding it hard to keep her gender a secret.
Chapters Six and Seven
Chapters Four and Five
Frances has is finally coming to terms with her fathers death. As she was about to board onto the train, she redeemed her ticket, choosing the life of a hobo.
Because the bank has foreclosed on Frances' home, she and the servants are forced to leave. Junius had decided to become a hobo and Frances' Aunt Bushnell is letting her move into her home.
Chapters Eight, Nine, and Ten
Chapters Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen
Chapters Fourteen, Fifteen, and Sixteen
In these three chapters, Frankie has been trying her hardest to keep her gender a secret. They meet others, and to Frankie's surprise, there are some other women. She also learns some of the tough things about being a hobo, like working and staying over night outside with not enough protection.
In the past chapters, some passing by hoboes stayed with Frankie and Stewpot. These hobos stole Frankie's valuables. After buying a knife for protection, Frankie and Stewpot hop a freight (Frankie had a ton of trouble with that) and now they are on their way to Cincinnati.
Not much happens within these three chapters. Frankie and Stewpot become closer within their friendship. Once they jump off of the train, (Frankie didn't have as much trouble this time) they hunt for food, which was hard for them. Once they find a nice lady's house, they eat a ton of food and Frankie gets new pants, for work.
Chapters Seventeen, Eighteen, and Nineteen
Chapters, Twenty, Twenty- One, Twenty-Two, Twenty- Three, and Twenty- Four
Chapters Twenty - Five and Twenty- Six
In these three chapters, Stewpot has become even more sick. And, finally, Frankie told Stewpot the truth about her gender. In St. Louis, they were caught, taken to jail, and forced onto another train. Around the end of chapter nineteen, Frankie is starting to realize how lucky she is, being given the opportunity of living in Chicago with her aunt.
Since the last chapter, Frankie is contemplating going to Chicago. On a stop, Frankie bought medicine for Stewpot. The both of them got to see the Rocky Mountains and as Stewpot slept, he died in Frankie's arms.
After buying a train ticket to Chicago and changing into girl clothes, Frankie is sat in a train trying to grasp Stewpot's death. When she arrives at her Aunt's home, Frankie sees a cat etched into her fence and she realizes that she'll be just fine.
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