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How to have an awesome sleepover

No description

Alyssa Carter

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of How to have an awesome sleepover

In trouble? Top 10 things to do Play cards\ gamble
Bring or get cards to
play. :) If you have a
sibling, steal some $
ka-ching! from them. :)
Work that,
fashoin! Bug your sister! The 1# thing you should
You hear me? BUG
now to learn how to bug
your sister FREE
613-822-4329! Hang out in your
bedroom,bug your
sister(Ask for hugs).
Have an X-treme
makeover! Have nail-
polish too! 1. Bug your sister/brother
2. Hang out in your room
3. Boredom bowl
4. Roller blade
5. Practice highland dancing
6. Do T.Q.D. on your sister/brother
7. Wear and share earrings
8. Play board games
9. Sit down and do games with your hands
10. Stare at a white wall How to have an awesome sleepover What to do first gg Style each others hair, use makeup
wear nailpolish, dressup in FANCY
clothes.... If you don't have any,
steal some from your mom, dad,
sister\brother or swap with your
friends NOT underwear!!!!!!!!!! Try going to the boredom bowl
for ideas and avoide Eye-con-
tact with the people in charge Un-pack the bags, Be awesome and make it
into a game! Advertisement
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