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Copy of 2012 Media Consumption Report - Sales Presentation

No description

Chris Rudnick

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of 2012 Media Consumption Report - Sales Presentation

Company Size

Small: 25%
Midsize: 34%
Large: 41% Top Industries

Financial: 13%
Government: 9%
Education: 7%
Healthcare: 7% Top Media Groups

Networking: 42%
Security: 34%
App Dev: 33%
BI: 31%
Data Center: 31%
Virtualization: 31%
Storage: 23% CIOs and Senior IT Management are not the only ones making decisions

What does this mean for clients? Accept, monitor, nurture IT Staff and Management
Develop content for the entire decision-making team
We have all of these audiences 79% of marketers do not create materials for the entire IT organization Vendors are unaware of the stage the IT buyer is in, forcing misaligned strategies and ineffective engagement

What does this mean for clients? Faster decisions = need to be ahead of IT buyers consistently - can’t “go dark”

Need to provide lots of content across stages or else risk missed opps Case for concentrating on high value content types, regardless of stage

Content type no longer main indicator of stage – need to monitor activity to identify stage Educational content types such as Videos, eBooks, and Webcasts often used in awareness stage Content types vary in preference and effectiveness by stage Content types vary in preference and effectiveness by stage

What does this mean for clients? Social, peer-to-peer continue to be leading sources Face-to-face events increase toward later stages – case for more focused events Business sites are not appropriate venues for reaching IT buyers Most IT buyers indicate they mainly rely on vendor content to build short-list.

Globally, content consumption increases by stage

What does this mean for clients? Need enough content to reach decision makers at all times – not on sales to get you on the short-list

Nurture, nurture, nurture

Look for the signs/activity that tell you to pass on leads and find the right time to call – N&Q, ITDA
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