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Inquiry in the Science Classroom

No description

Dolly Boder

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Inquiry in the Science Classroom

Inquiry in the Science Classroom: A Case Study of the Inquiry Methods Being Used in a State College Middle School Science Classroom Park Forest Middle School 7th grade science classroom

2 days of observations

10 class periods

same teacher scientific argumentation
problem solving
design and investigation
communication and explanation
real-world application Is inquiry being used in the classroom? Are formative assessments being used to make adjustments to teaching methods?
What does participation look like? Is it evenly distributed among the students?
Is inquiry as a complete package feasible?
Frustration!!! National Research Council (2000)
Inquiry standards
Page Keeley (2008)
formative assessments
Ladewski, Krajcik, & Harvey (1994)
Inquiry through the lens of a teacher
Krajcik, Blumenfeld, Marx, Bass, & Fredricks (1998)
Inquiry through the lens of a student Related Redearch Scientific Argumentation Steve: “…you gotta listen to each other, if everyone is talking it’s not gonna to work.” Problem Solving Steve: “I have a problem. I need your help.” Communication and Explanation Students "peer review" each others work Design and Investigation How do I solve Steves problem? Real-world Application linking the classroom with the outside world Recommendations More time!! Support smaller class size Rethinking assessments Student Accomendations Dolly Boder
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