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No description

katherine Hazlewood

on 4 August 2016

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Transcript of Mind

Thank You!
"I can only imagine..."
" Today I chose to live for those
who love and care about me and those I love and care about. I will love them a little more than myself today and be OK for them. "
Think --> Act --> Outcome --> Think
Mind over matter in action
I am feeling really homesick
I can try and find ways to feel more comfortable and enjoy my experience at boarding. I can do this by signing up for as many rec activities as possible, spending time away from my phone and social media and rather with the other boarders. I can talk to an adult in the boarding house who may have some good advice. I can practice spending weekends in the Boarding House when I would normally go home and try to keep busy. I could keep a piece of home in my room, like photos, a pillow or rug or a piece of clothing or jewelery that reminds me of home. I can focus on all the good things at boarding that aren't available at home...like the beach, socials... having friends around.
I can't change that my family lives thousands of Kilometers away and that in order to get a good education I need to come to boarding. Therefore, I will accept that it may be tricky for the first few terms but if I really throw myself into it, I may just enjoy it.
Did it make you feel any better?
Find the fight in you
The ability to control your own thoughts and the way in which you behave.
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