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Twitter Training: Why Social Media?

No description

Carlin Starrs

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Twitter Training: Why Social Media?

Why Social Media?
Twitter Training
The Numbers:
"Young people are more inclined to choose social media over sex"
U.S. Social Media Advertising Spending:
A growing trend...
Facebook - 1 billion users
LinkedIn - 175 million users
Twitter - 140 million users
So why should you?
of recruiters are likely to look at social profiles when reviewing prospective candidates...
of online adults use social media regularly
Internet users spend of their online time social networking
say that they always do so
2011 - $3.8 billion
2012 - $4.8 billion
2013 - $5.9 billion
2016 - $9.8 billion
Social Media is Changing the World
FY2012 US Forest Service Budget - $4.6 billion
Twitter Used to Predict Flu Outbreaks
The researchers were able to predict when healthy people were about to fall ill - and then tweet about it - with about 90 per cent accuracy out to eight days in the future.
"Keeping track of disease trends such as influenza outbreaks has the potential to be
far quicker and less costly by monitoring a social network program such as Twitter
than following the traditional methods of disease surveillance"
"In the 21st century, the revolution may not be televised – but it likely will be tweeted, blogged, texted and organized on Facebook, recent experience suggests."
Arab Spring and Social Media
"...social media carried a cascade of messages about freedom and democracy across North Africa and the Middle East, and helped raise expectations for the success of political uprising."

"People who shared interest in democracy built extensive social networks and organized political action. Social media became a critical part of the toolkit for greater freedom."
"Nearly 9 in 10 Egyptians and Tunisians surveyed in March said they were using Facebook to organize protests or spread awareness about them."
Social Media is everywhere...
Over 2 million people have watched the landing
of the Mars Rover, Curiosity, on YouTube
@MarsCuriosity has over 1.2 million followers on Twitter
On October 9th, Curiosity "checked-in" on Foursquare, a social media site used by people to tell their friends where they are.
Social Media can also be amusing...
ESRI Twitter Maps
even on Mars
Social Media in Politics
“Twitter has completely exploded the size of the conversation around the election.”
..."traffic on the social media site jumps from about 1000 tweets to over one hundred thousand tweets per minute during the debates."
President Obama has held a town hall meeting at Facebook headquarters, held an online Twitter town hall meeting, and a Reddit Ask Me Anything
Fact checking no longer happens in the next day's news; it happens nearly instantaneously online.

Hundreds of thousands of people follow fact checking groups on twitter.
View wildfire locations and social media response in real time
Social media still surprises us every day...
Gangnam Style has had over 468 million views since it was posted on July 15, 2012.

It is well on track toward becoming the most watched YouTube video of all time
The most watched YouTube video to date?
Justin Bieber - "Baby"

views since February 2010
Justin Bieber was discovered by a talent manager who found Bieber's YouTube videos in 2008 when Bieber was just 14.
Merging Twitter and ArcGIS
ESRI map of the earthquakes in Japan
Mapping Twitter trends across the world
Population of the entire United States
Curiosity's location? The Gale Crater, Mars
In Conclusion, Social Media Is:
Changing the world
Not just a phase
Very, very cool (no matter who you are)
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