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Pros of Stephen Harper

pros and cons of the primeminister election


on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Pros of Stephen Harper

pros of stephen harper some of the great promises stephen willl do is keep "ipod tax" an idea and not reality one of the pros is that stephen is against "ipod tax" and he will keep it just an idea and not reality
one of the great pros are that harper will build a highway that would lead to the artic,doing that will promote economic and social development 1: Introduction

Stephen Harper is the leader of the Conservative Party. he has made many promises to canada Table of contents:

1: introduction
2: defence
3: taxes
4: economy
5: ignatieff
6: conclution 2: defence

IF harper wins by getting the most votes, one of the things he will do is purchase more flight planes to defend our country 3: Taxes

Harper will also help the economy by having fitness tax credit so we can save money by being active and doing fun activitys 4: economy

harper promises to have a hiring credit for small busineses which will help unemployed get a job 6: Conclution

In conclution harper is a great leader and individuals should vote for him if they want a great country 5: Ignatieff
Important cons of Ignatieff are his big idea of "ipod tax".
theres also the fact that he didnt come back to canada for us,just for himself. BY RYAN THOMAS KEE HOTTA! thanks to creative commoons for the pictures
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