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Preparing for your Nursing Interview - FOH

Designed to help final year nursing students prepare for transition to professional practice

UTS Careers Service

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of Preparing for your Nursing Interview - FOH

Q. "What skills do you have that make you suitable for the role of
Registered Nurse?"

Communicate information about yourself
Give evidence of your knowledge, skills and abilities
Ask further information about the position
Evaluate the job - match your goals
As the candidate, your responsibility is to...

What is Selection Criteria?
NSW Health Selection Criteria
Behavioural Interview Questions
What is STAR?
Before and during "The Interview"

Questions that show confidence and interest!
Q. Tell us about your greatest weakness
Q. "What examples demonstrate the personal & professional qualities you will bring to the nursing profession as a new member of the team?”
Q. Tell me about yourself
Arrive 10 minutes early
Turn off your mobile phone
Smile, shake hands and make eye contact
Wait to be asked to sit, sit in a relaxed but upright position
Listen to the entire question – ask for clarification if necessary
Take a copy of your resume and all documents requested by employer
Take notes– it gives the impression you are keen
Have your referee contact details available
At the Interview
Behavioural Interview Questions - STAR
The Interview Panel
What educational support do you offer your new graduate nurses? e.g. study days or learning packages
What sort of mentoring is available to new graduate nurses?
Is there a formal mentorship program? Have these people gone through any formal training?
What is your attrition/retention rate of new graduate nurses?
How many rotations do I get through different clinical environments during my graduate program and do I get a say in what they will be?
At the conclusion of my graduate program, am I guaranteed a full time registered nurse position at this facility?
Would you be able to utilise my foreign languages?
What is your personal experience of working for this organisation?

Why did I choose to become a Nurse?
In what ways has my course prepared me for employment?
Why did I choose UTS?
How did I deal with any obstacles that affected my choice?
What personal qualities has university helped me develop?
What skills has the university helped me develop?
What did I enjoy most about my course?
What was I particularly good at?
Interview Questions
Let's Review
What's behind a Behavioural Interview Question?
"Tell us about an experience in which you had to speak up in order to be sure that other people knew what you thought or felt."
What is the panel trying to identify?
Communication Skills
"Tell us about a time when you had to deal with conflict within your team and how you helped resolve it?"
What is the panel trying to identify?
Team work
"Give us an example of how you prioritise projects and tasks when scheduling your time"
Planning and Organisational Skills
What is the panel trying to identify?
Are you confident to address the NSW Health Selection Criteria?
What is STAR?
Identify two skills you that make you suitable for the role of RN?

What are you going to wear to your interview...?
What should you never ask at interview?
How do you answer a Behavioural Interview Question?
Two or three minutes... why you are suitable for the job.


work history
future goals

Avoid topics such as holidays, lunch breaks, staff parties, use of corporate credit card, company car, etc.
Purpose of Interview

An exchange of information...
Examples need to be:

Selection Criteria and Interview

Don’t use the word “weakness” in your answer

Don't talk about a skill or quality that is included in the selection criteria... i.e. poor communicator...!!!
Do use the phrase “area for improvement” or "development"

Do discuss the actions you have taken to improve the skill/quality
De-mystify the Selection Criteria
NSW Health Selection Criteria (150 word each criterion)

◦ Demonstrated high level interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.
◦ Demonstrated clinical knowledge and clinical problem solving abilities.

◦ An understanding of and ability to work within an interdisciplinary team.
◦ An understanding of the professional, ethical and legal requirements of the Registered Nurse or Registered Midwife.
◦ An understanding of risk management, safety and quality improvement principles and the role of the Registered Nurse/ Midwife in applying these principles.

◦ A demonstrated understanding of NSW Health’s CORE Values - Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment.

- Having the skills, knowledge and competency to do the task required. Prove you are competent in this capacity or function

- Provide specific examples that 'prove' or 'demonstrate' that you have performed the task or skill

- refers to familiarity gained from actual experience or from learning

Demonstrated Understanding
- more than knowledge! Requires comprehension.
Define my skills
Articulate my achievements
Outline my motivation
Express my career goals
Can I...?
– interest, knowledge of healthcare industry, the position and the hospital/health care facility

- oral presentation skills and the ability negotiate, influence, persuade and interact with others

- demonstrated ability to work with others, value diversity and to get others to work together

- future plans and awareness of career paths

- emotional intelligence, realistic appraisal of self, professional development

- enthusiasm for the position; demonstrated patterns of accomplishment

- acceptance of responsibility, ability to keep commitments and attitude of the importance of work

- academic, work, volunteer and other experience
Interviewer will evaluate the following...
"Tell me..."
"Describe a time when..."
"Give me an exampe of..."
SITUATION – Context, your position and responsibilities
TASK – The problem or opportunity
ACTION – Your personal action/contribution/resources and evaluation
RESULT – Achievements, outcome, feedback and learning
Employers send interview invitations to applicants and you accept... then what?
"What am I going to wear?"
Clinical Interview Questions
Identify a skill
Provide example
Evidence is needed
Chance to use STAR
Identify a quality
Provide an example Evidence needed
Chance to use STAR
Suitable for interview...?
"Do you have any questions for us?"
Selection criteria are statements that describe the qualifications, knowledge, skills, abilities and experience that are required in a job.

When asked to respond to selection criteria, you are being asked to describe how you meet the requirements of the job, providing
What is Selection Criteria?
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