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How did fashion change in the 1940's, and why?

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Marisa Gatson

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of How did fashion change in the 1940's, and why?

How did fashion change in the 1940's, and why?
Marisa Gatson
Claim: Fashon changed a lot in the 1940's because resources where low and women had to make clothes out of what anything they could find.
In the 1940's a lot of resources were low for ordinary people since the war was going on. Especially for women, there were not a lot of men around because most of them were fighting on the war.
Most women wore long dresses in pink, white, and sometimes other colors such as purple , blue, and yellow, however they were not found as lady like as the traditional pink and white. Ladies also wore black stockings and usually black shoes. Also, most Ladies worked in the house so they wore there hair down or in a bun.
since a lot of materials use fr clothes were being use for war, like how silk and nylon were used for parachutes. Women had to learn to use left over or old materials to make new clothes. And since most men were in war women had to take over factory jobs causing pants to become part of women fashion.
since women didn't have the resources to make all the clothes they needed the were encouraged to join make due and mend clubs that taught them how to use clothes they already had and turn them into new clothes. But there were times when new clothes had to be bought, and when that time came people were encouraged to buy for service. Meaning to buy something that will last a long time.
it was known as un-lady like wear pants in 1940, but ladies dresses were found getting stuck in factory machines. People found this dangerous. Soon after women started to wear pants like men. They believed if men could wear pants to work in factory's, so could women. Another dangerous factor was hair. Women started wearing thier hair shorter to avoid getting it cought in machinary. Others wore thier hair in tight curls or in buns.
Stocking before 1940 were made out of nylon. Since nylon was needed for parachutes women could not get new stockings made from nylon. In there make due and mend clubs they were taught how to make stockings out of old nets, Bathing suits out of dish cloths, and chalet's out of the brim of a mans hat. However since women had to work in factories, they had to wear man pants while they worked. A lot of other materials in used for clothing were low in the war and most people couldn't afford clothes, but those that could also had to make clothes. It was very rare that people bought new clothes. Therefor, fashion changed a lot because of WWII.
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