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THE PROPAGANDIST'S JOURNEY: Rizal's Search for Reforms

Part I

Lea Sandra Banzon

on 12 July 2015

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Transcript of THE PROPAGANDIST'S JOURNEY: Rizal's Search for Reforms

Rizal's Search for Reforms
1. Rizal reached San Francisco on
April 18, 1888.
Jose Maria Basa
was a former secretary of Governor General Terrero, believe that he was commissioned by Spanish authorities to spy on Rizal.

4. In Hong Kong, Rizal stayed at
Victoria Hotel.
7. In America, Negro
could marry
a white woman, or the white man a Negress.

8. The sequence of the countries that Rizal traveled.
(Hong Kong- Japan- America - London)

"great country" was marred by racial prejudice.

10. Rizal saw
discriminatory treatment

of the Chinese and the Negros by the white America.

Jose Rizal equipped himself with good education within and
beyond the university walls to advance his aim to bring reforms to
his beloved motherland.
Juan Perez Caballero
a secretary of the Spanish Legation who invited Rizal to live at the Spanish Legation,

6. Rizal wrote letter to his old friend
Dr. Karl Ullmer
about his departure from Philippines
Chapter VIII (part 1)
Dr. Jose Rizal
Rizal in Hong Kong
February 28, 1888
year after the publication of
Noli Me Tangere
, and six months his arrival in the Philippines, Jose Rizal sailed from Manila again.
The Trip to Hong Kong
-after a short stay of six month in his beloved Calamba, Rizal left Manila for Hong Kong on on the board the Zafiro.
February 7, 1888
- Rizal did not get off his ship when it made brief stopover at Amoy.
For three reason:
(1) He was not feeling well
(2) It was raining hard, and
(3) He heard that the city was dirty.
February 8, 1888
-Rizal arrived in Hong Kong. And stayed at Victoria Hotel
2. Rizal wrote a lengthy essay about his prophecies on the condition of the Philippines after one hundred years entitled
"To the Flowers of Heidelberg"
1. False
(April 28, 1888)
2. False
("The Philippines, A Century Hence"
3. False
(Jose Sainz de Varanda)

4. True
February 18, 1888
Rizal, accompanied by
left Hong Kong on ferry steamer
for Macao. And to be surprised to see among the passengers a familier figure –
Sainz de Veranda
a victim of Spanish vengeance for the uprising in Cavite

A noble gentleman with a beautiful influence on Filipino youth

Rizal’s most trusted friend

Jose Maria Basa

(1839 – 1907)
a Spaniard who was a former secretary of Governor General Terrero .

shadow’s Rizal’s movement

believe he is spy of Rizal

Jose Sainz de Varanda
In Macao, Basa And Rizal stayed at Don Juan Francisco Lecaroz

Lecaroz, Jose Basa and other Filipino in Hong Kong are partisans and promoters of the book Noli Me Tangere.

Don Juan Francisco Lecaroz
In Hong Kong, Rizal investigated many important matters, for example concerning the riches of the Dominicans, concerning their missions, concerning the Augustinians, etc.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - -
- - - - - - - -
- - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - -
The study of the Dominicans, which Rizal entioned, is to be remembered because four years later a terrific arraignment of the wealth and greed of that society was found in his sister Lucia's baggage and led to Rizal's arrest and ultimately to his execution.
“In about fifteen days I departed for Japan. I was quite seasick again. A few minutes after I reached a hotel, before I had time to brush up. I received a notice that the Spanish chargé d’affaires was calling! They introduced themselves to me with much graciousness , extending me many offers and proposing that I make my home at the Legation. After making a few excuses, I accepted frankly to let them know what I did. I lived in the Legation, and sometimes by the interpreter. There I studied the Japanese and also made a study of their thearter. After several offers of employment, which I refused, I departed at length for America
Rizal's Correspndence with Family Member. Mach 1, 1888
February 28, 1888 - - early in the morning of Tuesday, Rizal arrived in Yokohama.

He registered at the Grand Hotel
Juan Perez Caballero
secretary of the Spanish

who invited Rizal to live at the Spanish Legation,
Rizal accepted the invitation for
two reasons

He could economize his living expenses by staying at the legation
He had nothing to hide from the prying eyes of the of the Spanish authorities
Rizal in Japan
Rizal in America
Rizal and his Japanese friend reached San Francisco on
April 28, 1888

“I visited the large cities of America, with their magnificent building, their electric lights, and their splendid ideas. America is indubitably a great country, but it also has many defects.”

- Jose Rizal

His arrival in this great country was marred by
racial prejudice.

He saw discriminatory treatment of the Chinese and the Negros by the white America

Nergo cannot marry a white woman
The White man cannot marry a Negress
May 4, at 3 PM
– Rizal stayed at
Palace Hotel
which considered a first-class hotel in a city

$4 a day with bath and all.

May 6, 1888
– it was Sunday, 4:30 P.M. Rizal left
San Francisco for
nine miles across San Francisco Bay, by ferry boat.
May 7, 1888
(Monday) – It was morning, Rizal awoke and had a good breakfast at
Reno, Nevada.
May 8, 1888 (Tuesday)
- He started his trip of the American continent. He passes through
Reno, Ogden, Denver, Farmington, Salt Lake City
May 9, 1888 (Wednesday)
- Rizal continued his trip, passing the territory of the
State of Colorado.
May 10, 1888 (Thursday)
- He passed thru the territory of the
Nebraska, Illinois
May 11, 1888
- He arrived at Chicago, after four days crossing the
American Continents
May 12, 1888

Rizal was in
May 13, 1888 (Saturday)
– Rizal reached
New York
. He stayed three days in this city, which he called the

big town”
May 16, 1888
– Rizal departed from
Rizal in London
wrote to
Dr. Karl Ullmer
of Heidelberg letter about his departure from the Philippines

Rizal’s Prophecies
“The Philippines, A Century Hence.:
In order to read the destiny of a people, it is necessary to open the book of its past.
What will become of the Philippines within a century?
If the Philippines must remain under the control of Spain they will have to be transformed in a political sense
History does not record any lasting domination exercised by one people over another.

Prophecies in the twentieth century

If the Philippines secures their independence after heroic and stubborn conflicts, they can rest assured that neither England, nor Germany, nor France, and still less Holland will dare to take up what Spain has been unable to hold.
China will consider herself fortunate if she succeeds in keeping herself intact and its not dismembered or partitioned among the European powers that are colonizing the continent of Asia.
(3). The same is true of Japan. On the northsha has Russia, who envies and watches her, on the south she sees England. She is, moreover, under such diplomatic pressure from Europe that she cannot think of outside affairs until she is freed from it, which will not be an easy matter.
(4) Perhaps the great American Republic, whose interests lie in the Pacific, and who has no hand in the spoliation of Africa, may someday dream of foreign possession.
(5) Very likely the Philippines will defend with inexpressible valor the liberty secured at the price of so much blood and sacrifice....
Then the mines will be to give up their gold for relieving distress, iron for weapon, copper, lead, and coal.
5. True

6. True
8. False
(cannot marry)

9. True
9. True

10. True
presention of: Lea Sandra F, Banzon
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