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Signs and Symbols

No description

Alex Finlayson

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of Signs and Symbols

Signs and Symbols
What is the difference between a sign
and a symbol?
we often know what something represents
but what does it mean?
sUPERMAN WAS CREATED DURING A TIME OF CHAOS... the late 1930s. the world was still reeling from the great war and subsequent years of depression. war had once more broken out in Europe. the jewish people found themselves in the middle of perhaps the greatest period of oppression in their history... the holocaust.

TWO young JEWISH WRITERS, JERRY SEIGEL AND JOE SHUSTER, created a superhuman character reminiscent of the mythical jewish 'golem' - a protector of the oppressed, an inspiration drawn from the promise of a messiah, someone who would fight for the people.
What parallels can you draw
between Superman and Jesus?
does any of this sound familiar?
superman started life as a jewish messianic figure.
over time his story became almost an allegory of
the Christ story.
On another level: what if a child grows up reading superman comics? does the symbol hold any deeper meaning?
what if a child grows
up reading the bible?

can become
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