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The Crucible Character Web

No description

Layne Davis

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of The Crucible Character Web

The Crucible Charcter Map John Proctor
Details: Had affair with Abigail and is greatly ashamed of it. Falsely admits to being the devil to save his friends wives.
Connections: Married to Elizabeth, affair with Abby
Quote: " Wipe it out of your mind we never touched Abby. Elizabeth Proctor
Details: Convicted of witchcraft but saved by her husband will never tell a lie.
Connections: Married to John Proctor.
Quote: "adultery John" Abigail Williams
Details: Had an affair with Proctor and made up all the witchcraft accusations
Connections: Parris's niece, former love interest of Proctor.
Quote: " I will not black my face for anyone." Mary Warren
Details: One of the girls that was caught in the woods and an accuser.
Connections: Worked for Proctors and is Abigails friend.
Quote: " You're the devils man." Betty Parris
Details: Is in an unusual coma in Act I and is believed to be afflicted.
Connections: Parris's daughter
Quote: "I'll fly to mama let me fly." Tituba
Details: From Barbados, works at Parris home, and is first person blamed for witchcraft.
Connections: Parris's slave
Quote: "Oh how many times he bid me kill you Mr. Parris" Rev. Parris
Details: Priest of Salem and is very selfish
Connections: Bettys father and Abbys uncle
Quote: "Do you know I have enemies?" Thomas Putnam
Details: A bad person who seems to have a grudge with all townspeople over land
Connections: married to Ann Putnam
Quote: "That tract is in my bounds, it is in my bounds Mr. Proctor." Ann Putnam
Details: Gave birth to 8 kids only 1 survived and suspects everything as the work of the devil
Connections: married to Thomas Putnam
Quote: " Mark it for a sign, mark it." Judge Hathorne
Details: A very stern judge believes in the witchcraft it seems
Connections: Judge with Danforth
Quote: "How do you know then that you are not a witch?" Judge Danforth
Details: Thinks he's above everyone.
Connections: Judge with Hathorne.
Quote: " This is the highest court of the supreme government of this province." Martha Corey
Details: Doesn't believe in witchcraft thinks kids are just being kids.
Connections: Giles Coreys wife
Quote: "I'm innocent to a witch I know not what a witch is." Giles Corey
Details: A strong man who doesn't believe in any witchcraft and doesn't admit to any of it so gets pressed.
Connections: Close friend of Proctor and married to Martha Corey.
Quote: " More weight." Francis Nurse
Details: Old man forgets to say his prayers and is eventually hanged.
Connections: Married to Rebecca Nurse.
Quote: I never heard no murder done in Salem. Rebecca Nurse
Details: Very kinda helps the women in town give birth, and got accused of witchcraft.
Connections: Married to Francis Nurse.
Quote: "I go to god for you sir." Hopkins Hopkins appears in Act IV as the jailer, but he doesn’t have a speaking part.
Connection: Works with Hathorne and Danforthe Sarah Good
Details:Sarah is a mentally unstable homeless lady who Abigail accuses of witchcraft.
Quote: I am no more a witch then you are a wizard Susanna Walcott
Details: She is one of the girls that accused innocent people to be witches.
Connection: Under Abigail's Spell
Quote:He bid me come and tell you, reverend sir, that he cannot discover no medicine for it in his books. Mercy Lewis
Details: Mercy is the Putnams’ servant and Abigail’s best friend.
Connection: Abigail's Best Friend
Quote: "a grave man in his sixties, of some humor and sophistication that does not, however, interfere with an exact loyalty to his position and his cause" Ezekiel Cheever
Detail: Was the boy who arrest the people accused of witchcraft
Connections: Worked for the court
Quote: I think it be evidence, John. I am an official of the court, I cannot keep it. Marshal Herrick
Details: He's a marshal and his name is Herrick but shows he cares about Sarah Good. He is the ones that execute the accused
Connections: The court
Reverend John Hale
Details: The most complex character in the Crucible. He has a Harvard education and comes to help solve the mystery in Salem. He seeks out towns because he wishes to rid the world of evil.
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