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Made by: Ally, Jasmine, Sarah and Vianey.

Ally Moreno

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Wildfires

World Timeline
U.S. Timeline
How wildfires are caused:

90% of wildfires are caused by humans, and the last 10% is caused by nature. Some things we do to cause wildfires is by leaving campfires unattended, when debris are burned down, buds of cigarettes left behind,
intentional arson, fireworks and lightning.
What to do during a wildfire
The likelihood of a wildfire happening in Oceanside, CA, is a 50% chance depending on the weather. Why does it depend on the weather you ask? Well, if it is hot outside, then there is a chance of a wildfire happening because of heat and if it is cold outside there is a chance of one starting because of fire places, cigarettes, and alcohol.
-first aid kit.
http://eschooltoday.com/natural-disasters/wildfires/what-can-start-a-wildfire.html 1/14/16
http://geology.isu.edu/geostac/Field_Exercise/wildfire/introduction.htm 3/13/2008
If a campfire is not put out properly, it can start a wildfire.
Sometimes when people smoke, the buds are not properly thrown away. It could end up starting a wildfire.
It can spark off trees, power cables, rocks and other things.
The reason fireworks are banned in a lot of places is because its explosion can start a fire.
Arson specialists think that most wildfires are started by arson.
▪ Turn on a battery operated radio to get latest emergency information
▪ If you have a ladder, prop it against the house so you and firefighters have access to roof
▪ If hoses are available set them up. Fill buckets with water.
▪ Remove combustible materials from the area surrounding your house (Lawnchairs, tables, etc.)
▪ Turn a light on in each room for visibility in case of smoke
▪ Close all doors and windows, but do not lock them
▪ Open or take down flammable drape and curtains
▪ Close all blinds and non-flammable window coverings
▪ Move furniture away from windows and sliding glass doors
▪ Be ready to evacuate all family members and pets when requested to do so
90% of wildfires are
caused by humans
10% are caused by nature
Most animals are able to escape wildfires
Wildfires can cause wildfire tornadoes
Climate change can cause wildfires
http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/five-surprising-facts-about-wi/17834750 2016
Lightning strikes the Earth over 100,000 times a day.
Of these, 10-20% cause a fire.

1.Fire Triangle: A simple model for understanding the necessary ingredients for most fires. It includes: Oxygen, Heat, and Fuel.

2.Smoke Jumpers: Is a wild land firefighter who parachutes into a remote area to combat wildfires

3.Combustion: The process of burning something

4.Fire Tornadoes: A fire whirl

5.Oxygen: A colorless, odorless reactive gas

6. Heat transfer: The movement of thermal energy for one to another

7.Conduction: The process by which heat or electricity is directly transmitted

8.Convection: The movement caused within a fluid by the tendency

9.Brush fire: A fire that is brushed or scrubed

10.Vegetation fire: A fire that happens in plant life
October Maine/Canada

Miramichi Fire
October Wisconsin/Michigan

Peshtigo Fire
Septembe Michigan
Thumb Fire

September Minnesota
Hinckley Fire


August Idaho/Montana
Great Fire of 1910
Thank you for
watching our Prezi!!!!
Destroys habitats
Killed the food chain for important animals
Catch fish
The Great Fire of 1910
20 Aug 1910 in Washington, Idaho and Montana
Wildfires can cause massive damage. Up above I said how that wildfires can catch fish. You are probably wondering what catch fish means. Well, it means that if a wildfire were to get close to a river or lake it would push and scare all the fish into one place. Wildfires have done some major things in history. Wildfires can also kill animals, burn down homes, and destroy habitats.
Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona, USA
28 Jun 2013
The Black Saturday Fire
7 Feb 2009
Ballantynes fire New Zealand
The Great Fire of Chicago
Fire triangle
Wildfires can catch fish.
The process of wildfire is by fuel - the fuel is something that will burn like wood sticks, campfires, and cigarettes left behind. Next is oxygen- oxygen is air that is colorless and odorless. Next is heat- Heat is enough fuel to make it burn, for instance like the fire triangle. The weather is the most important because the wind ,temperature,relative humidity, and precipitation makes the wildfire move. Topography slopes or flat either one slopes make the wildfire move faster.
http://chemistry.abt252.com/html/3_-_chemical_changes.html 1/26/16

Unanswered questions
1. Is a wildfire bad for forests?

2. What are the types of forest fires?

3. How does each of these fire types affect the forest?
Big Ideas
1. Wildfires are not bad. Some forests depend on a wild land fires to be healthy, but it depends on which type of wildfire the forest is emerged with.

2. Broadly there are two types: low-intensity fire that
generally burns near the ground, and high-intensity or crown fire that burns through the treetops.

3. The low-intensity fire burns up the surface tree needles and leaves, shrubs, down wood and many of
the small trees, opening up most of the understory. Crown fire spreads rapidly across the forest canopy and usually kills most of the large, overstory trees, while removing the cover provided by the tree foliage.
All the recources you need in case of a wildfire are:
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