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The Physics of Santa Claus

Could Santa be more than a holiday myth?

Emilie Davis

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of The Physics of Santa Claus

SANTA....Can the Myth be Proven by Modern Day Physics? Who is Santa Claus? Big man in a red too-tight Suit? Or this guy? The once a year personal TOYS R US? WOOPS Or this guy? The origins of St. Nicholas
date back to AD 245 in Turkey. IT's said that... This is where I talk But is he real or not?! What does Rowen know?! Nothing apparently.. BEcause PHYSICS PROVES THAT SANTA CAN EXIST!
TAKE THAT DREAM KILLER! According to this guy.. There are 2.5 billion children in the world Considering that Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist Children don't celebrate, that leaves 825 million children. With an average of 2 1/2 children per house hold, (1 good child at each,) you're left with a grand total of 330 million homes. Considering time zones, he travels from east to west in 31 hours 31 hours / 330 million homes = 3000 visits per second! Assuming that houses are evenly placed around the world,
- house seperation would be .78miles ..78 miles per house * 330 million houses comes to a grand total of... 258 million miles! 258 million miles / 31 hours equals... 2300 miles per second That'd definitely even make a cheetah tired. HEY LOOKS IT'S SANTA AND HIS REINDEER! Assuming that each child gets an Ipod touch, Wii remote, and the latest Blackberry.. 825 million * 2 pounds equals This guy times about 8 tons. 825, 000 tons!! Good thing that Ruldolph is a BEAST (; What about air resistance?! Air resistance generates 3.2 quillion watts on the lead reindeer. This is about 900 times the amount the whole US uses. BUT WAIT! What about Quantum Mechanics? Quantum huh?! Quantum Mechanics are a set of scientific principles describing the known behavior of energy and matter that predominate at the atomic and subatomic scales. Electrons exist as probability fields when no one's looking! But.. when they're measured,
their wave functions collapse
and return to a single location. SANTA COULD BEHAVE LIKE AN ELECTRON!? As long as no little boy or girl try's to sneak a peek. The answer to this question is whether Santa is an electron or Ruldolph is just 86,000 times stronger than 76 reindeer, Santa COULD exist, and we just used physics to prove that! YOU CAN WAKE UP NOW
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