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Annabelle the Doll

No description

meah vera

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Annabelle the Doll

Annabelle the Doll
Annabelle the Doll
The Story of Annabelle
Donna got annabelle from her mom in 1970. She was living with her roomate,Angie and over time they noticed that the doll seemed to move on her own,within a few weeks she moved more and more,the girls would leave her on Donna’s bed and come home with her on the couch. She came home to find.......
A scene of Annabelle
pieces of parchment paper one night & found the doll with blood in her bed,the blood seemed to be coming from the doll itself.The girls brought in a medium,they sat with the doll,&told them that long
before the apartment was built,there was a field where a seven year old girl named....
Annabelle Higgins. Her spirt renamed
and caught onto the doll when it entered the house,Annabelle found the girls trustworthy.
They didnt know if it was a breakin. Lou crept over to the door listening,he threw open the door and everything was were it should be except the doll.
Work Cited
The true story of Annabelle the possessed raggedy Ann doll story told by Ed and Lorraine Warren.
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