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Creating a Culture of Outreach

No description

Meag-gan Walters

on 21 September 2018

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Transcript of Creating a Culture of Outreach

Creating a Culture of Outreach:
Effective Building Blocks from Stanford University's CAPS

Outreach Counts as a
Clinical Hour
Particular Outreach Activities now count toward a clinicians required amount of clinical hours per week.

For example: Groups, Workshops

Doing so relieves the burden and
“identity tax”
on outreach specialist clinicians, who tend to represent marginalized communities more than the counseling center as a whole.

This programming is developed to send the message that outreach is a role and responsibility for ALL counseling center clinicians. We work together to respond effectively and proactively to student needs rather than thinking “the outreach people will take care of that”.
The Look!
The Color Green


Life Savers!

Events- CAPS Open House
Social Justice / Outreach Project
Yearlong outreach and social justice project for trainees. (Psychology Interns)
Institutional Change
Building an Outreach Dream Team

Staff, & Trainee
Different skill sets
Collaboration/ Delegation, Tiered Supervision
Think Tank
Regular Outreach Meetings
Training & Education
We created and now offer a yearlong outreach and social justice seminar.
- Grounded in theory of the community mental health model
-Social Justice is a core tenant!

For trainees and staff to provide in-depth education and training on working with specific communities
(1st 5 weeks)
Branding & Messaging
Defining Outreach yet leaving it undefined
Outreach Seminar
To increase comfort and skill level with creating and conducting outreach events
(2nd 5 weeks)

Campus Partners
Inge Hansen Psy.D
-Asst. Director of Outreach and Inclusion
Meag-gan O'Reilly Ph.D
.- Program Coordinator for Outreach, Inclusion & Equity
Riley Cropper Ph.D.
- Post Doctoral Fellow, Outreach & Social Justice Track

Cultural Change= values, beliefs, social norms, and practices
The 3 Pillars of change:
Branding and Messaging

What is the distribution of outreach work like at your center?

Would your center benefit from having an outreach team to orchestrate institutional guidelines?

Does your staff feel equipped to conduct different types of outreach?

If not, what kind of education do you want to provide?

Does the larger campus community know about the amazing work your center is doing?

CAPS Outreach Program
Outreach is the process of extending our clinician and caring services beyond the walls of Vaden to the broader Stanford University
community by offering deliberate, systemic, and creative psycho-educational programing with a multicultural and developmental perspective on prevention, wellness and student self-help. We seek to decrease stigma, increase accessibility, and equity to undeserved populations, and above all promote student health through inclusion and social justice.

Year 1: Then Black Community
People of the Muslim World
Year 2: Then Black Community
Social Class
Topics Covered:
Being present in communities you want to serve
In gourp member / out group member
Marketing / How to title a presentation
Facilitation: Good, Bad, Ulgy
Working with student leaders
Discovering your personal outreach strengths.
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