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Teens' Guide to Surviving Puberty

No description

Brandon Knell

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Teens' Guide to Surviving Puberty

Teens' Guide to Surviving Puberty
Physical Changes
Now, there's going to be some physical changes, I'll put one slide or whatever, to Girls, and one to Boys.
Thats the Show, Folks!
Social Changes
Emotional Changes
1. You'll want to hang out with your parents less, I mean, they are one of the most embarrasing people around you most, besides a sibling or grandmother.
Tips for Staying Healthy
You'll get broader shoulders,
You'll start growing hair, not just Mustaches' guys, actual hair, and it'll grow EVERYWHERE.
Finally, you'll have sudden growth spurts, for all you know, on the last day of school, your about 6 inches shorter than your friend, than BOOM! Your taller than him next year.
Final Tips
Girl Physical Changes... *shudder*
First of all, get your credit cards ready girls, you're about to grow faster than.. I dont know but your gonna grow.
First, you'll start growing taller, it will be frequent, so might want to plan ahead.
Secondly, you'll start growing hair, so time to learn how to shave!
Finally, you're hips will get wider, kinda creepy, but they will.
You'll start making more friends that are toward your Social Group, just so you don't feel left out. I mean, Imagine hanging out with a bunch of jocks for example, they are talking about sports, and all you really like are Video Games, and Books.
1. You'll want to start an adult-relationship with your family.
2. You also start hanging out with a lot of people that are more like you, so you don't feel awkward around others that are completely unlike you.
3. And finally, you might be happy one second, than raging mad and a face as red as a tomato the next.
2. You'll want to hang out with friends more, its just basic.
3. You'll want more freedom, its just saying you're growing up, time to be treated that way, too.
1. Keep a very healthy diet, you need nutrients to grow and change.

2. Try and stay active, having your exercise is important in puberty,
3. Finally, get those hours of sleepy-time in because mood-swings will get you tired, a lot.
Don't worry, it's only the biggest changes that will ever happen in your life...
1. Don't worry, it'll be over sooner or later.
2. You'll start puberty sooner or later, its like a calendar, a timed schedule,
3. Finally, just don't worry about it, it happens to EVERYONE, even that celebrity you have a crush on, yes, he/she has probably gone through puberty or is in puberty, depending on the age.
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