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No description

Shelby Coniglio

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of 613

Principal Parts: voco, vocare, vocavi, vocatus – to call
Present Infinitive Active (2nd Principal Part) ___Vocare______
Present Stem ___ Voco_____
Perfect Stem ____ Vocvai______
Perfect Passive Participle (4th Principal Part)____Vocatus____

3rd person singular masculine
Active VoicePassive Voice
Present Vocat
He calls

Present Imperfect Vocabat
He called

Imperfect Vocabatur
He used to be called

Future Vocabit
He will call

Future Vocabitur
He will be called

Perfect Vocait
I have called

Perfect Vocatus est
He was called

Pluperfect Vocaverat
I had called

Pluperfect Vocatus erat
He will have been called

Fut. Perf.Vocaeri
He will have calledFut. Perf.Vocatus eritHe will have been warned 06.13 Synopses Principal Parts: mc7oneo, monere, monui, monitus – to warn
Present Infinitive Active (2nd Principal Part) ___ Monere_____
Present Stem ____Moneo_____
Perfect Stem ____ Monui_____
Perfect Passive Participle (4th Principal Part)____ Monitus____

2nd person plural feminine
Active VoicePassive Voice
Present Monetishe

Present Monetur
he is warned

Imperfect Moneba
You used to warn

Imperfect Monebamini
you used to be warned

Future Moneit
He will warn

Future Moneris
You will be warned

Perfect Monuistis
he has warned

Perfect Monetus es
the has been warned

Pluperfect Moneverat
You had warned
Pluperfect Monetus erathe
had been warned

Fut. Perf.Monerit
he will have warnedFut. Perf.Monitae eritisHe will have been warned
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