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curriculum presentation for parents

Angela Montemayor

on 23 January 2018

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Transcript of Español

Spanish 1A
Seventh grade class
Semester 1 of Spanish 1 - not a credit earning class
Intended for students who want/need to learn at a slower pace
Must take Spanish 1B in 8th grade
Themes include:
Welcome to Spanish
All About Me
Food & Health
Spanish 1B
Eighth grade class
Second semester of Spanish 1
This year earns Spanish 1 credit
Must have completed Spanish 1A in 7th grade with an 80 average or better
Themes include:
The Community
House and Home

Spanish 1
Eighth grade class
Both semesters of Spanish 1
Earn 1 Spanish 1 credit for HS
Suggestion: Students who have taken PreAP English/Reading in 7th Grade (with a grade of 80 or better) generally do very well in this class.
Spanish for
Spanish Speakers
Available in some Junior High Schools (not BDJH)
Spanish 1 & Spanish 2 completed in same year for 2 credits
Perfect for "conversational speakers" that want to learn to read and write the language.
Junior High Spanish classes are intended for non-Spanish speaking students. The curriculum is basic and is not meant to be used to teach Native Speakers to read and write the language.
Native Speakers are encouraged to wait for high school and to take advantage of the Spanish for Spanish Speakers courses.
Contact Info:
Sra. Potter - Spanish 1B contact
Sra. Miles - Spanish 1A contact
Sra. Montemayor - Spanish 1 contact
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