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Crazy for Silly Bandz

Schools across the nation are banning kids from wearing Silly Bandz. Bad or Good?

Maggie Rees

on 1 September 2010

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Transcript of Crazy for Silly Bandz

CRAZY for Silly Bands a little too crazy??? Schools all across the nation are banning silly bands!! What are these "Silly Bandz"???
Bright bendable bracelets that kids go crazy for, while teachers hate. Why are these braclets being banned? Teachers say that kids are distracted from their school work. Instead of learning math and science, kids focus on trading tigers for dogs. Students even get into fights over the plastic bracelets. One school in New Jersey banned Silly Bandz, because the students were stealing them from each other. James Howard is the president of Zanybrandz, one of the companies that makes the bracelets. He thinks outlawing the bands will only make them more popular. "Getting banned fuels the craze like a five-gallon can of gasoline on a campfire," he says.

What's the creator's veiw on this?? What do all the unhappy kids think about this banning?? Students argue that everyone should not be punished because a few people have made mistakes. Students also say that Silly Bandz are a safe and fun way to express themselves. Doesn't this kid look happy!? What do YOU think about this??? YES, I think silly bands should be banned!! Who cares if kids can't "express themselves"! NO, I think kids can wear silly bands whenever they want to!! They have the right to simply wear a braclet! By: Maggie Rees :) (I think that kids should be able to wear silly bands because this is a free country!!!!)
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