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My Book Report

No description

Hull Elementary

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of My Book Report

My Book Report
Fact #1
One new fact that i learned while reading this book is..........

When she was still in the hospital, she needed a bodyguard since everyone was asking her questions or taking pictures.
Soul Surfer
Bethany Hamilton
Thank you for watching my presentation
Fact #2
The second new fact that i learned from Soul Surfer is......

After being attacked by a shark, she returned to the waters in the next year, and won her first National title.
Something that I already knew while I read Soul Surfer is........
By: Savanna
Soul Surfer is about a girl who has
salt water in her veins ( not really ) and loves to surf. but one day, while she was surfing with her friends, she got bitten by a shark. Bethany is her name, and the reason why she is famous is how she doesn't give up on her favorite sport.

Lexile: 960L
I would reccomand this book to all of my friends because it teaches everyone that even though bad things happen to your dreams, doesn't mean that you can't go after it
The author for Soul Surfer is Bethany Hamilton
which is the main character in her book
The main topic about Soul Surfer is a girl who
loves to surf and got her left arm bitten off by a tiger shark. And experiences how hard it is to do things with one arm. But most of all, she never gives up and finds that though she doesn't have the other arm, doesn't mean that everything is impossible.
Bethany Hamilton lost her arm, and did whatever she could do to try to get back on her board.
The third new fact that i learned while reading Soul Surfer is.....

In 2007, Bethany realized her dream in surfing professionally and since then, her story has been told in an autobiography, and in a 2011 film, Soul Surfer.
Fact #3
something that i already knew while i read Soul Surfer is...
Bethany got bitten by a tiger shark on Halloween day.
Something else that I already knew while I read Soul Surfer is.....
Before Bethany came into the hospital, her father was suppose to have surgery but didn't since his daughter got hurt.
The third thing I knew while I read Soul Surfer is....
I dont have anything else......
Pastor- A religious person/ Priest that spreads the word of god.

Motivates- Inspires you to keep going.

Pity- When someone feels sorry for someone else.

Media- The news, Magazines, or television.

Testament- A story to share your expirence.

So even though, my arm is gone at the bottom of the ocean, and it takes time for me to take care of things, I still can't wait to meet people to share my story, and to share to never give up on what you enjoy
My arm has given me thought to think about my future, my arm has given me tough times, but everything seems more clear to me. And I also love the feeling that god will protect me, wherever I go.
Even though, i lost my arm, i never thought i would surf again. but i was wrong, i was thinking that i could never do anything i enjoyed before, but now i have mastered everything that i could before.
Text structure
The text structure of my book is Cause-Effect
I believe my book is cause-Effect is because the cause is Bethany getting bitten by a shark and the effect is having one arm but still going after what she enjoys.
One thing that i enjoyed about reading an Nonfiction book was really exciting because it is an autobiography so that means that the Author was writing about her life. And it was really inspiring and cool to see how to get back on her board. It was like I was experiencing her life through my eyes
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