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Hamlet Plot Summary

A plot summary of Hamlet.

Mia Hodges

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Hamlet Plot Summary

Exposition Rising Action Climax Denouncement Horatio promises to tell Hamlet's story, so history will know the truth of what happened that day. The crown of Denmark is given to Fortenbras for control, and the play ends with the tragic death of the entire royal family. Prince Hamlet, the protagonist, is introduced in the cold castle of Denmark during the time of the Renaissance. He then is brought to the ghost of his late father by the sentinels, and the deceased King informs Hamlet of the truth of his death, how he was murdered by his own brother, a heartless man who turned around right after the death of Hamlet's father and married the Queen, all in less than a month. The knowledge of this truth spurs Hamlet to seek revenge. Hamlet swears to avenge the death of his dear father. Becoming so involved with his agreement, he begins to behave in a crazy manner, killing Polonius and driving his daughter Ophelia to insanity. Thus ends the romance of Hamlet and Ophelia. Hamlet and Laertes (Ophelia's brother) duel in an arena ensured to end Hamlet's life. Hamlet is stabbed with a poisoned sword by Laertes, who is in turn stabbed by Hamlet. Queen Gertrude takes a sip of wine laced with poison intended for Hamlet, and as Hamlet is dying he stabs King Claudius, finally avenging his father's death. As she slowly dies, Queen Gertrude realizes the awful truth about the death of the first King and her new husband, as does Laertes. Before he dies, Laertes apologizes to Hamlet for his drastic mistake, and tells the room the King was to blame for everything. Hamlet is the last to die, and the stage is littered with bodies. Resolution
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