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MKTG 3010 Presentation

Bedding Bands...

Curtis Ford

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of MKTG 3010 Presentation

Bedding Bands: A Presentation for Karyn Diehl Created and presented by....

Ally Nordgaard Curtis Ford Kaan Gokcay and Jennifer Nelson Agenda: Research Question Background Methodology Word About Distribution Channels Distribution Methods Potential Barriers Summary Any Q's.... A Brief History... Bedding Bands! 30 years in the making White space opportunity in the market Organize and Identify No direct competition Multiple sheets sets Simple, easy, effective King? Queen? Twin? Full? Objective... Use marketing research to provide Karyn Diehl with Information relevant to the development of her business model. What are various ways to distribute Bedding Bands? Methodology Exploratory and Descriptive Research Online encyclopedias
Census data
Company resources
Industry reports
Academic journals Primary Secondary Personal interviews
Phone interviews
Home Furnishings Industry... Includes furniture, floor coverings, and household textiles (including linens)
Total revenues of 659.6 Billion Decelerating growth rates in recent years Types of distribution channels being used in the home furnishings industry... Highly fragmented Direct (internet or catalog) Wholesale/Distributor Retail Sales agent/manufacturer's rep How is channel preference determined? Age Gender Type of product Percieved risk Proximity Location Income Education Previous Experience How are similar products being distributed? Duvet Grips
- Marilyn Todd
- Direct Selling via handyaccents.com
- Online retail via sleepshopper.com
- In-store retail Dryer Balls
- Whitmor family
- In-store retail (Target, Wal-mart, K-mart)
- Online retailers (amazon.com, organize.com) What sort of "non-traditional" methods are available? Consignment Tele-selling On-site direct sales Online auctions and communities Tele-Marketing Direct mail What role could the internet play?... Exposure Streamlined ordering process Drive in-store sales Information search Product locator Increase potential customer base Potential barriers to distribution... Direct Selling
Human capital
Higher marketing spend
Fixed costs
May require large inital investment
Requires access to large data bases or traffic generation Indirect (one or more intermediaries) Low control
Stocking of competing products
Unlikely to carry bulky or slow moving items
Reduced profit margin
Product importance
Relationship issues Channel Margins... - As intermediaries increase, profit margins decrease and the price increases for the end user - Margins vary depending on the intermediary - Margins are usually negotiated between
producer and intermediary - Size and amount of offerings of producer are positively
correlated to margins - Size of retailer is generally negatively correlated to the producers margin - Specific margins demanded by retailers remains private until in the negotiation stage due to retailer private privacy Preferences, Margins, Non-Traditional channels, Internet.... What's the point? Summary Understanding why consumers choose certain channels is a complex issue based on many variables
Detailed analysis of how comparable products are distributed can help understand how to distribute your product
Although many consumer product goods are distributed similarly, there are unique ways to get Bedding Bands in the hands of consumers
Online presence will be an important element in your business model
The various channels have unique advantages and disadvantages. It is important to understand the general chracteristics of each channel and how it operates
As you begin to solidify your target market and product form, it is critical that you align your distribution channel based on these factors
Most producers of consumer product goods are utilizing a multi-channel strategy
Any Q's... Thanks! Big players 24-hour ordering Distribution channel: The process of making a product available to the consumer
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