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Phann Keara

No description

Adele Simane

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Phann Keara

Phann Keara
born in 1979

poor family

father - teacher, having only passed the 9th grade


the book "Think and Grow Rich"
by Napoleon Hill

Phann went into business for himself

had to take care of his 4 younger brothers

scholarship to go to college

suffering could turn to a positive thinking

Master of Business Administration

purchase an apartment complex

reinvested his profits into the hotel
Villa Kiara

using the profits from this hotel
Lecture at University
Phann Keara and his employees
Thank you !
Who is Phann Keara?
34 years old cambodian

rector of Pannasastra University of Cambodia

part of generation defined by loss

his survival is a miracle
Key to success
1. Always have a unique product.

2. Work on finding the right location as location is key.

3. Always recruit the best talent and treat them well.
how to rebuild the psyche of the Cambodian population to make it more entrepreneurial
In numbers
$165,000 to buy the hotel

$4,000 a month for 16 years for rent

70 percent occupancy
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