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Salmon River Central School District

No description

Rebekah Grim

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of Salmon River Central School District

Salmon River Central School District

2016-17 Budget Goals
Develop an educationally and fiscally responsible budget to adequately preserve and provide programs and services for our students, not only for next year, but for future generations as well

Create conditions and align resources to allow students to meet performance standards.

District Strategic Plan

Redesign curriculum to preserve the best attributes of Common Core and include supplements to meet the needs of our students

Place priority on improving student outcomes in lowest-performing schools

Reevaluate and redesign all instructional programs

Develop three-tiered comprehensive attendance system
2016-17 Budget Highlights
tax levy increase

overall budget increase to more accurately reflect revenues and expenditures

Total Budget

2016-2017 Budget Proposal
Presented by:
Stanley Harper, Superintendent
Natascha Jock, School Business Executive

Goal: Accelerate academic achievement
2016-17 State Aid Increases
With the passing of the NYS Budget the District will see the following changes to State Aid:

increase in State Aid
A total of a

2016-17 Fixed Budget Costs
2016-17 Budget Additions
2016-17 Proposed Budget
Analysis of Fund Balance Usage
2% Tax Levy Increase
There will be a
increase in the tax levy for the 2016-17 school year

Tax Levy will be

Estimated Tax Rate is
of assessed home value.

Average home owner with assessed home value of approximately
will pay approximately
with STAR program
History of the Tax Rate
With Voter Support...
This Budget Preserves & Enhances:
Academic Intervention Services
College & Career Pathways and
Academic Rigor
Attendance Initiatives
Drivers Education
Sunset Night High School Program
Kindergarten Transition Program
Employee Assistance Program

Bus Replacement Plan
5 Year Plan:
Average age of buses is
years /
Newer buses:
year warranty
Trade in value of approx.
Budget impact after aid:

Bus Purchase Recommendation
Purchase (
) 66-passenger buses, not to exceed

Budget impact per year after aid is less than

Voter Propositions:
2016-17 Proposed Budget
SHALL the Board of Education of Salmon River Central School District be authorized to expend the sum of
as General Fund appropriations for the school year 2016-17 & levy the necessary tax therefore?

Proposition # 1: Vote Yes or No

Bus Purchase:
SHALL the Board of Education of Salmon River Central School be authorized to purchase no more than (4) 66-passenger buses & to expend the sum not to exceed
; which sum shall be raised by the issuance of serial bonds, notes and renewal notes to raise such money and, in anticipation of the issuance thereof and/or statutory installment bonds, notes & renewal notes, to authorize the issuance of obligations of said School District & levy the necessary tax therefore?

Voter Propositions:
5 Year Term, last-elected incumbent, Michael Sisto
Vote for One (1)
Craig A. Jock

2 Year Term, last-elected incumbent, Roger Lapage
Vote for One (1)
Michael J. Sisto
Jordan Lauzon

Board Vacancies
Important Dates
– Board Approved Spending Plan

– Public Hearing

– School Budget Vote and Election
12-8 PM, HS Auditorium

Budget Summary
Tax Levy Increase
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