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Explain the features of a database

No description

Benjamin Mason

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Explain the features of a database

What is meant by referential integrity.
Each table will have a primary key which is called entities, and when it is in a separate table that is called a foreign key which is called a attribute. when these are linked up it is called referential integrity. It makes sure that the relationships between entities remain constant and that that are no errors.
Why are foreign keys important and what are they?
A foreign key is used to link tables together and create a relationship. A filed in one of the tables is linked to the primary key in another key.
The importance of a foreign key is that you can link 2 or more tables together so you don’t have to keep on repeating the information and by doing this it stops you from making mistakes.

you can recover data using primary and forign keys by the use of forms and queries

What is a relationship?
A relationship exists between two database tables when one table has a foreign key that references the primary key of another table.

Relationships work by matching data in key fields, they usually match up data with the same name in different tables.
How business information can be represented using entities and attributes
If a business uses entities and attributes they can put their information in to the tables and they will find it much easier to keep track of all the information, also it will make it easier to find the information that they will be looking for.
Ben Mason
Explain the features of a database
Every table has and entity that is a primary key and when they are put into another table it is called a foreign key. so when a primary key is in another table it will then be called a foreign key because it is in a different table.
How entities can be related to each other using primary and foreign.
How data can be validated when entered into a database
when you are putting information in to a form it will have certain specifications that you will have to abide by like you may have to be male or female and if you put other then it will pop up with a message saying something. you can create a database to spot out mistakes.
1. Searching speed- when you are looking for some information it will be a lot faster than it would be if you are doing your database manual.

2. environmentally friendly- you are not using paper to create your database so it saves trees from being cut down.

3.Quicker to use- you just have to type up the information and this will save time because you don't have to write it with a pen.

4.No mess- it is all in one place on a computer and not in filing cabinets making mess.

5. accessed by many users- more than one person can look at it or update it at once.
What advantages are there with using a database
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