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The GRAPES of me project!

No description

Tomas Cajiao

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of The GRAPES of me project!

Both my parents are in charge of the money and we don't get allowances. When we need something, we ask for it and we usually get what we want. We are lucky to live in a family that can give us everything we want. We try to be good to them and we thank them for what they do for us.
My father has made the most achievements in my family. He was a very good student in school, and because of that, he could get a very good job. He has a very high position in the company that he works.
He also likes to ride the motorcycle and he has gotten awards for that.

My mother has achieved the love of all the members of the family, and that is not easy to get!

My sister and I have moved to different countries and change schools 4 times already. We have been able to make friends, to adapt, and to keep our good grades every time.

Social Structure
The GRAPES of me project!
olitical Structure
ocial Structure
What does "GRAPES" mean?

By: Tomas Cajiao

Longitude: -92.936871
Latitude: 44.928218
I am a Christian because I believe in God.
I come from a non-religious family; although both my parents and all my grand-parents are catholic, they have decided to let my sister and I pick our own religion when we are old enough to make our own decisions
Born: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA in 2002

Minnesota is the state of the 10,000 lakes.
The winters are very long; there is lots of snow, and it is very cold.
Fishing, ice skating and cross country skiing are the usual outside activities for Minnesota people.
Longitude: -70.639990
Latitude: -32.278310
Chile is a very long and thin country which has all kinds of weather, from the desert in the North to the Antartica in the South.
In Chile you can go skiing in the mountains, swimming in the ocean or fishing in the South.
Arrived: Panama City, Panama in 2012
Latitude: 9.018206
Longitude: -79.465324
Panama City is very close to the ocean and has warm weather all year round , so we go to the beach very often.
I believe that:
1.- there is a God who created this world.
2.- that people should have the same opportunities in life.
3.- that honesty is the most valuble quality in a person.

We have been taught to by honest with ourselves and with others. We also try to treat everyone equally.
In our house we tell each other everything and all things are discussed amongst the four of us; my parents, my sister and I.
Arrived: Santiago, Chile in 2004
We use the democratic system in our home. We discuss the things we want to do and decide according to the majority.
My mother makes the final decision in case there is a need for that.
Patricio Cajiao
Patricia Guzman
Family Roles
There are no definite roles for any of the members of our family; although my mother is in charge of the things in the house; and our obligation is to study and keep good grades.
Mexico City is very big and has many historical places to visit. You can learn a lot about the Maya culture and how they lived.
Arrived: Mexico City, Mexico in 2009
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